Electric scooters and smart mopeds have come a long way.
Here is our list of 15 electric scooters and mopeds available in 2018.

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Featured Electric Scooters and Smart Mopeds 2018 ⭐
#15 2018 Ford OJO Electric Scooters

#14 Nito Nes Italian style electric scooter.

#13 Xkuty One electric sit-down scooter.

#12 Gogoro 2 Smart Scooter – Moped

#11 GenZe 2.0 Scooter

#10 Ujet Smart Electric Scooter

#9 Unu Smart Moped

#8 Niu M1Pro Electric Scooter

#7 Askoll ES1 Electric Scooter – Moped

#6 Torrot Muvi Smart Mopeds

#5 FEDDZ Electric Cargo Scooter

#4 Be.e Electric Scooter

#3 Fonz Australia’s First Electric Scooter

#2 Me Italian Style Electric Scooter

#1 Vespa Elettrica
Vespa’s first electric scooter is coming in 2018

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  1. may be a stupid question but, why aren't these companies incorporating solar charging charge while you ride or park in the sun?

  2. The video was interesting to see what is available. I am not in the market for electric due to low range, hours for recharge and excessive price. One recommendation for the future. From what I was able to see, the rechargers all pugged into european outlets (the plugs are not compatable in the US) and that would make them 220 volts (not generally available in the US). I think it would have been a much needed piece of information to anyone interested in this type of vehicle if there was a US plug/110 volt charging option.

  3. All over priced and under performing, not worth bothering with.

    You could buy an Evo type scooter for around 700 pounds with a lithium battery and get around 30 miles or you could simply double up the battery and get 30 miles for around a grand.

  4. See these scooters are not for everyone I guess they don't want too make no money wow that's too much money and they don't go fast enough!!!!so y'all nuts we good on that bro your lost😂

  5. Swapping batteries at go stations is a bad idea: there will never be enough stations, and for it to be worthwhile for the retailer, would have to be expensive. It's better to focus on batteries that have faster recharge times (ie: 80% in 5 minutes)

  6. rice eaters bul weight than wheat eaters – what would the capacity of newly launched electirc and scooter we weight more than ideal wight say about 6 foot male almost around 130 to 125 how two person can sit enjoy the ride and the capaciyt of vechile weight is 110 to 85 kg

  7. How do all of these scooter have power in 3kw or more but can only reach pathetic speeds like 20mph…. is that just to bypass the law or is that they'r actual speed?

  8. All these electric scooters are cool but if they want people to buy them try make less expensive if it was 1thousand would buy one the average price about 8 grand you can get a Real nice second hand gsxr R6 R1 or nice car

  9. One thing in common with all of these electric scooters – They're Far Too MUCH MONEY !!! These are elitist products, for elitist people ! Toys for The Rich !!!

  10. swweeeettt..i have an HPC 2000 watt cruiser LOVE IT LOTS….CALL ME FOR DETAILS Tee 626 342 4160…in bakersfield ca area.

  11. cheapest and best way to have large heavy electric scooters shipped is with wheels and forks and swing arm removed from frame and use smaller cardboard box. motorcycle frames can be shipped in seperate bicycle frame sized cardboard box which is cheaper than full sized shipping container and saves space

  12. all the scuters are ok but you must try to fiind one batery, what could have more power and more range, not only 60 mile and maybe you try to fiind one new concept for the recharge the battery, with some solars cell panels .Some people go in the wild place there don't exsist any source of electricity if you resolve all this problem the marked it yours !

  13. 2:55 If you can't swap the damn batteries then it's a complete fail.
    By law, they should force a standard battery shape for bikes so that you can just rent the batteries and have immediate power anywhere you go. They could get gas stations or even just 24 hour stores to keep the batteries topped up and rent them.

  14. iam all for green but no one tells us how many times the battery/s can be charge or how long the batterys will last before replacement and it looks like e-bikes are way a head of cars 🙂

  15. Most of the prices are outrageous considering the cost to make them cost less than 500.00 or less. Bring the prices down and watch your sales skyrocket.


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