neither pics or video do the job unfortunately…believe it or not, it’s up to you. location: squaish


  1. please guys a want an answer to my question.if a hardtail bike(only front suspention)can do 17 ft jump why then buy a bike with full suspension?which is the deference?i am gonna buy a mtb buy i cant decide.

  2. Full suspense is good if you go on long rides. Whereas HT is great for short highspeed rides. If you have much experience with biking and you have enough money go with full suspension.

  3. @Defectordrunkzone its heaps easier on a full sus bike, and there is a point i believe, where the hardtail will get damaged or you will . depends how good you are at soaking up impacts!

  4. @cochbloch thanks a lot man for your time and advises.i really appreciate it.i have already made my decision about my next is more suitable for me.thanks a lot.

  5. @Defectordrunkzone It was a 17ft drop onto a sloped landing, a full suss could do it to flat if you had the bottle :p. But the biggest reason to get full suss is the speed/control it gives you over rough trails, not just for drops

  6. @Triplegack why would you want a heavier bike for long rides? i have a HT and FS and i use the HT for all my long rides because of the increase in efficiency and the less weight resistance you get from a HT. I use the FS for short rides and messing around, because it is much more forgiving on rough terrain and larger drops than a HT.

  7. pictures / video makes everything look so small and easy :P. all the cocky fucks saying they can do anything … id like em to acctuly walk up to these and try it hah!


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