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1942 wlc 45 wla #112 frame restoration straightening rebuild bike repair harley by tatro machine

the continuation of alan’s 1942 wlc bike restoration. the frame is good but also bad so we are fixing the bad parts to make it all good.


  1. Im not a biker, but i love your videos, i think the attraction for me is that you keep it real. Your knowledge is amazing and you know when to call something crap.

    I would like to build a bike but where im located the $$s are tripple of your cost

  2. Love to come visit but do i have to go bare feet in the shop? HA! not that i haven't done it in my slippers!
    Scooby loves to help out for a few pets i see.

  3. That jig is handy. But the big ass crescent stole the show! Alan is digging is frame. I like his positivity. Always seems happy.


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