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1972 ironhead #103 xl xlch case repair motor rebuild harley sportster by tatro machine

the bike came in for a kick starter that would not turn over the motor. the motor was locked solid or was it? follow along as you see what we found and how we fixed it.


  1. As always I learned quite a few things. I just had this repair done by my local machinist. Nothing like breathing life back in to an old motor.

  2. I thought you said you were going to do a quick weld on that passage near the crank bearing on the first case half that you said had a check valve but still lets oil pass.

  3. Definitely get some XXL shirts in other colors besides black and grey. The yellow looks good and so does the red. Made in USA is a plus.

  4. You should modify your tripod center to a flat piece of metal heavy enough to be stable ( like a microphone stand) and get away from the three point stance that is giving you so much grief. Just a thought.

  5. I really dig this show. Its becoming one of my favorites. I enve some of these guys in a way… kind of makes me a little sad at times, to see what these guys have, parts and tools and knowledge. I be like struggling to get some random part and Tatro probably has gobs of'em, lol. Ken is no hack thats for sure, the real deal. I wouldn't hesitate to have him work on my machine.

  6. Tatro How do you bill your customers? Hourly? If so, what’s your shop rate generally? Keep the videos coming. Need something to occupy my time over the holidays.


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