Schwinn World Sport
Technical Overview


  1. Love those older unappreciated steel bikes! They are quickly becoming collector items and will go up in value over time. Check out the prices for these on ebay… they are through the roof!

  2. Last Tuesday I drove from Minneapolis to Andover to check on a Geo Prizm. The Prizm was not worth buying, but I did find a Schwinn World … for free!

    There were three adults bicycles and a small, child's bicycle, along with some old chairs and a filing cabinet right next to the curb with a FREE sign!

    The World was the best of the three. There was also a woman's bicycle and a mixte bicycle.

    I was actually taking a detour due to construction and the main road to the library was GONE!

  3. Found one in a bike store in Milwaukee a few years back. It's a great bike. I had them replace the biopace chain rings as I feel like it bothered my knees, though; and have changed the saddle. New bar tape, blackwall tires… It's very fast and the tubes/geometry has a retro look that people like.

  4. These were decent, much better than today's lower tier road bikes. But these were pretty much Schwinn's bottom of the line. Altus is/was one Shimano's lowest tier component groups, so don't be fooled by the word 'Shimano' when you see them. $65 was a fair price, but I wouldn't pay a dime over a C-note for one.

  5. Thanks for the review! I have Schwinn World Sport as well. Made it single speed last summer and now decided go back to gears. What is the exact model of the rear derailleur that you have? Is it short-, mid-, or long cage?
    What about cassette? I am trying to avoid the compatibility issues and doing some research before I order the parts. Thank you!

  6. I like your Video, I had a World Sport, but someone in Houston, Texas stole it from me many years ago. I saw someone selling a World Sport for $100, he sold it to me for $80, it needs some work, new Tires, rim needs adjusting, new Brake pads, then i'm on my way, I will change out the foam on the handle bars for Cork Tape. The Seat is original, but I may go with something a little cooler, but still hold on to the Original Seat. Yea, its a solid Bicycle. I'm not going to buy one of those thousand dollar Bicycles, I did think about it for a few days, but I came to my senses.

  7. I just found one in the garbage. It doesn't have quick-release wheels. I don't know what year it is. I can't decide rather to take it to a bike shop or try to work on it myself. I have never worked on a bike before I just ride em.


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