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Without a doubt, the 1up USA tow-hitch bike rack is the best mountain bike rack on the market. I’ve loved it from the day it arrived. It’s a heavy beast, but it’s built to last.

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  1. great review! 3 of my friends have this rack and they love it. I have the Kuat which I love but one thing that I like more about the 1Up is the ability to adjust it as a 1 bike rack which tucks to the bumper. With my Kuat it needs to be folded up when not in use and in order to get to my rear hatch (suv) I need to put it down (which is a hassle).

  2. Agree, this rack is awesome. First thing I put on my car a few years ago and I've only taken it off a few times since. Carries my road, DH or trail bike with zero drama. Can even sorta work for bikes with fenders or racks if you finagle a bit.
    Funny, my one L tray is also a little loose exactly like yours, I keep forgetting to take the sockets down to the car and cinch that up.

  3. Nice review, but try Buzz Rack, I have one and it fits 4 MTB, also it allows you to lock the MTB to the rack, which in turn locks to the tow hitch. Works really well

  4. Fun tow hitch story: Went to get a tow-hitch installed on my Maxima. Uhual blew it and installed it off-centered and crooked. So bad that a Yakima Hold Up wouldn't fit without rubbing. FAIL. Filed an insurance claim, and with the 1800 bucks Uhaul gave me I bought a Yakima Roof Rack that holds 3 bikes. Putting 'em on the room was certainly my 2nd choice, but it works great. Do you feel this rack is significantly better than the Yakima Hold Up or the Thule T2? Have you tried the Inno? I'm def. getting a tow hitch rack next!

  5. Only problem is on a Jeep Wrangler or any other vehicle with side opening gate. Bikes don't lay all the way down to access gate when on rack. Only high quality rack that does that I know of is ISI. 1UP should make this change.

  6. I was just about to order a Thule T2 Pro XT, then I started looking at the Kuat NV, and someone mentioned 1up… Now I don't know which one to get

  7. Just wanted you to know after watching this, I posted my kuat rack and plan on getting the 1up. Thanks for the review

  8. Hey Brian are you still using the 1UP on your new car? I am going to be in the market for a new rack soon. I was leaning toward the Kuat as my buddy has one and really likes it. Only problem is that Kuat (and most racks today) only support a maximum 48" wheelbase. I am soon to be riding a Hightower LT in XXL size (49.69" wheelbase) and will need something for it. I think 1UP supports up to 52" wheelbase…but man is that thing pricey. Of course I'd want the even pricier black version haha!

    EDIT: I did a YouTube and internet search and there appears to be some very recent controversy around 1UP USA. There appears to be 2 websites (but different companies) now operating that are calling themselves 1UP USA with very similar products. There's a thread on this on MTBR and mass confusion over what is really going on. Kinda sucks for prospective buyers such as myself. Take a look at this:
    and this:


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