My friend Jeremy delivers a local newspaper paper in Fort Collins Colorado by bike. He has made some friends who also work on the paper that enjoy cycling, and some of them enjoy cycling to the foothills and camping, this is called bikepacking! The thing is, Jeremy has a hip issue and Crohn’s disease. His intestines are regularly inflamed and this limits the level of physical activity that he can endure. Many of their bike camping trips last an entire weekend, and each rider has to haul their own tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, food, and water. So, Jeremy hasn’t been able to go bikepacking with a traditional bike.

One day, Jeremy mentioned that his friends planning another camping trip and he was curious if I had an extra electric bike that he could borrow! Nope, I did not… but I reached out to my friend Tom Wilson at Small Planet EV in Longmont Colorado, asking whether he could loan us a bike or sell a unit cheap. I asked if he had any mountain bikes with smaller frames since Jeremy is 5’6″ and 155 lbs. We were in luck! Tom had a 2016 Felt LEBOWSKe that he would sell at cost to help us out. I bought and donated the bike to Jeremy because his entire life is spent on a bicycle and this would also help him to deliver newspapers more easily! So, Jeremy and five friends spent a weekend riding 92 miles into Northern Colorado. They actually cycled the entire way from Fort Collins.

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  1. Sorry about him having Crohn's Disease. Yuk. As far as using pot hey forget worry about it. 40 years in the medical field, alcohol and tobacco and the two leading drugs still that are killing must Americans. I can't remember ever being called to the ED for someone on pot. I don't use any drugs, except what my doctor gives me and I am dead in the water if I don't take those. So, whatever works. Great video Cort. I know I just had knee surgery, and another major surgery all in less than a year. I am 69, but now that I can walk again I am truly looking forward to getting back on a bike. An ebike will be the way to go for me, I feel, keep my knee safe, but at the same time give my transportation and exercise all in one go. I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to walk again. And hopefully soon biking again.

  2. hey man ima a pretty big guy im 5'11 (almost 6ft) and overweight like 350lb ( going to the gym ) any ebike thats fast and will hold me?

  3. For those wondering about the bike/range It's a 350 watt Felt LEBOWSKe that uses a 63v 400Wh (11 Ah) battery. He brought 2 batteries on the trip and it sounds like he left it in Eco most the time. It was 56 miles there uphill most the way and he had some juice left (estimated range from 7-21 miles remaining). It doesn't go into detail but it's safe to assume he tossed on the fresh battery for the return trip back home (mostly down hill). I guess that's better than I was expecting the range to be out of a 400Wh battery. I have fat bike (Juiced, 1,000 watt motor, 17.4 Ah battery) I have yet to take on very many long range trips but this is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to do with it. I have no disabilities but I'm over the desire to ride 60 miles uphill in a day without battery assistance. I think fat eBike bikepacking is going to be the new meta. Seems like a cool group of folks.

  4. It's not just baby-boomers that need e-bikes. Young people get "health concerns" all the time. I'm in my 30's and regular biking causes me to have symptoms. It drives me nuts that old people think everyone without grey hair and wrinkles is healthy.

  5. I find it funny that everyone in your videos always gets out of the way when you're showing an e-bike, even when they probably don't have to. Seems so take-the-backseat.

  6. This is such a great video. It comfortably gets us into a discussion of the health issues that prevent us from getting off fossil fuels, and how e-bikes can allow cycling to be accessible to everyone. Great work, Court.

  7. Very entertaining video about cool e-bikers and a cool presenter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Court, your videos are stars in e-bikers heaven. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love the idea of ebike touring. All the fun, and able to make the distance and not be wiped out. I love my ebike and will be taking it over my non-ebike. Knees are shot these days after 70 kilometres. Makes it hard to shape up the next day. The ebike extends my biking holidays.

  9. I'm also an avid cyclist or was till a set back with hip and tailbone issues due to crohns. So this has given me a little more motivation to get my E-recumbent built. I'm glad to hear his testimony on Cbd also as I'm starting it too.

  10. Cort, could you ask the bikers if they could share the elevation graphic of their ride? This would be helpful for others to plan pit stops on future rides. What was the wattage of the battery?Thx

  11. This is the ultimate goal for my ebike.
    Were doing a week travelling the Isle of Man, camping and hotels.
    Isle of Man is between England/Ireland.
    Then going to ride the Alps…dreams, but I could never under my own steam.
    Love this channel.

  12. Hey bro thanks for all the tips so far I still love my evelo folding electirc bicycle been using it for like 6 months now enjoying it a lot

  13. Lol, I've watched this 3 times, I would love to ride with this group sometime! , they're very laid back and I like that!๐Ÿ‘

  14. Great video. Many ebike riders have chronic illness and these bikes get us back out on the trail. Great for baby boomers!

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  16. Please Look into Juicing for Crohn's Disease. I've been healed of several illness's by going on a few Juice Fasts. I lost 100lbs and so many illnesses I couldn't believe it. More Veggies and Nuts and go Fruit Yourself. God Bless.

  17. Iโ€™ve got a dummy with a stokemonkey and a rolhoff hub Iโ€™m ready. To bad Iโ€™m in Indy have fun guys ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  18. I live in Cheyenne and ride a two wheeled recumbent bike, due to back and neck problems. Its like riding a reclining lawn chair. I am also visually handicapped to the point where I cannot legally drive. So I know what life on a bike is all about. Hope you have fun. James.

  19. I came to see bikes, I saw bikers faces. 99% of the video is filled with some dude. That is not what I expected.

  20. FANTASTIC video Court… Loved the humanitarian angle to it… I just recently got my MOAR crowdfunded bike that you've reviewed and it's awesome btw… Anyway, love all your vids… Keep it up… Cheers…

  21. Iโ€™ve been doing ebike touring for a while now. I have a 500W motor. The other key factors with respect to typical daily distance would be the capacity of the batteries, the nature of the terrain youโ€™re riding, weight of your gear (and you), etc. Iโ€™ve found that for relatively flat terrain a 500-600 WH battery will get me about 120km a day assuming Iโ€™m doing a regular amount of pedaling. If the terrain if very hilly you might get half that distance with the same capacity battery. If you use the throttle excessive without pedaling at all you will drain your batteries very quickly. My strategy is to carry two fully charged batteries on my ebike which I can swap out as needed but there is a weight penalty to that approach. It allows me to typically go two full days without needing to find a place to recharge.


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