This is POV video I gathered as I traveled on my six week motorcycle trip this summer across the U.S., up to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, north of the arctic circle, southwest into Alaska and then home. I just got my motorcycle licence this year and this is my first bike. Over the trip I wore through two rear tires from new to bald and one front.

I had a great time, met amazing people and realized how incredibly vast and beautiful North America really is. Happy to be home.

Check it out.


PS. I shot it using my point and shoot digital camera. Pretty basic but worked ok.


  1. Very cool trip. I understand that you camped most of the way. Did you just stop when you felt like it, or did you find designated camping areas?

  2. Great video! I own an f650gs twin myself. I was wondering if the BMW helmet you have on the video was suitable for such a trip(wind resistance, noise etc.) cause I was thinking of getting one but not sure if its good for touring use.


  3. mann thumbs up and greets from austria
    i love videos like this make more, lil bit shorter for a better qualiti.
    ah and nice track did not hear it a long time.
    like it

  4. I would do that with a bicycle just so I could enjoy the scenery and the wind in my face longer, would take me quite a while though…


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