2014 Motorcycle Short Boots and Riding Shoes Buying Guide
Are you riding around town looking for a little more protection than your Chucks have to offer? Are you getting ready for a trip down to the coffee shop and inconvenienced by your cross-continent adventure boots? Take a look at these low boots and riding shoes for the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing on the protection. There are some great options here for V-twin riders to sport riders and everyone in between. We have boots like the Speed and Strength Moto 9 that have a great sneaker look, but more protection. There are boots like the Dainese Dyno Pro and the Alpinestars SMX-1 that are the equivalent to the lower half of a full sport boot. We also have the latest from REV’IT!, representing great looking, classic boot-inspired styling with more safety than your average Redwings. This guide represents the latest in comfortable, casual, protective moto footwear. Go ahead. Lace them up. Ride to work. You won’t need to change shoes when you get there.


  1. +Joe G.P. Are you referring to our 2013 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator Buying Guide or this video? We haven't released our 2014 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator Buying Guide yet. -Hi-Viz Brian

  2. Hey, which boots or shoes run a little wider than normal? I wear 10.5E and like a lot of the ones displayed, but I can't wear the puma style shoes because my feet are wide

  3. Could you please suggest some riding shoes for feet size of 37 for iding in hot tropical weather (Malaysia) ? Thank You!

  4. Hi, i travel every weekend about 100 km to visit my parents, with my ninja 300, which boots do u guys recommends to me ? , a shoe,short boot… thx

  5. ive watched dozens of your reviews.  love them………..always wondered how many takes to make a vid, or do you just naturally talk that fast and know all model numbers??

  6. Great review guys, thanks! I love the ICON 1000 Truants, but I think they don't come in female sizes.. that would be too bad! Do you know riding shoes suitable for women (european size 38-39)? I don't like the Fastlane Stella, because in my opinion they don't offer enough protection..


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