Alan from Finish Line Bikes is back again to show you a different kind of bike. It’s from Pure Fix, called The Charlie.

Basic high steel tension frame, and it’s got 60mm deep dish rims, which is very popular for this type of bicycle. Though many people do not ride with brakes at all (which is extremely unsafe, we do not suggest going brakeless) this bike comes with as a backup to an inertia based stopping system.

The Charlie comes with a 3 piece aluminum crank system, and the rear wheel is a flip-flop hub, meaning you can ride it as a single speed, or flip the wheel over and use it as a fixed gear. The dropouts also have adjusters that help you to keep your wheel straight in the frame.

The Original Fixies from Pure Fix come in an array of frame and rim colors, and they are very reasonably priced at $325. Whether you’re commuting, going to school, or just riding around with your friends, The Charlie is an awesome bike.

Finish Line Bikes
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Video Produced by Randy Kirk and Associates


  1. Found a reddit thread detailing PureFix being a fad bike company that mass produces bikes to a low standard. Damn shame too, as I wanted the glow in the dark wheel things they got going. Look too cool, but no heart for bikes, under the hood of that company.


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