2014 Touring & Commuter Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide You plan, you keep planning, then you plan some more. No matter if you are preparing for the ride to work or the ride across country, you footwear will need to suit anything you encounter. These technical boots are our favorite choices for commuters and tourers looking for a high level of protection for their specific riding conditions. From the sporty mid-level TCX X-Cube boots and their everyday functionality, to the cross-country SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex, we have something for all of the road warriors out there. We even have the Daytona Road Star Gore-Tex. These things become envious-glare magnets at any touring rally you go to. Use this guide to take a look at what is available for everything from riding to the 9-to-5 to riding the entirety of Route 95. It will help you get started on finding which boot is right for your ride.


  1. I live in California and it's hot in the summer! I wish there were more choices for perforated touring style boot. I want over the ankle protection but something that flows air.

  2. Hi I purchased the ICON Reign boots in mid 2013, few months later the zipper began opening and i was having issues with zipping it up. When I brought it to the store, i was told that ICON issued a recall on the zipper. Check with ICON before purchasing.
    As for comfort and protection, it is very comfortable and gives you a feeling that your feet are secure. Protection, situated in good areas and works great.

  3. Why no RevIt Boots? ย I bought my first pair back in 2007 and really like them, do you not carry them anymore or don't they have anything new?

  4. Hi! What boots would you recommend for a Harley Night Rod Special? I like the style of the TCX X-Cube or alpinestars fastlane – but i'd need some more protection in the front of the shoe (toes) because I need a Little bit more "force" for changing gears on my motorcycle ๐Ÿ™‚ Any recommendations?

  5. Would you be able to tell me if any of these boots are not fitted with larger metal parts (i.e. sole and nose) so they will not set of a metal detector.
    Currently i am using TCX infinity GTX but im wearing them out with basically 365days a year for 5 years of use now. (a little less ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), these do not have larger metal parts so they do not set of the detectors and i can keep them on.ย  I could get them again but 1: they arent cheap 2: dont mind trying other things .

  6. I bought the TCX boots from you guys and I absolutely love them I have yet to ride with them but I can tell just by looking at them that they don't skimp on their boots, and I'm going to be very happy with my purchase

  7. It's been said before but it should be said again, Revzilla is awesome! I do have a question regarding Daytona boots though. Why are you not offering the new Daytona Strive GRX?

  8. daytona boots are really the best boots out there.. once you had daytona you will not want any other boot on your foot..! i have 2 pairs of them one is for day to day and touring and the other is for then i going out for a burn or track..!

  9. TRQ Tour Gore-Tex have been the best purchase I've ever made. I wear them from the height of summer to the end of season in New England.ย 

    Comfortable, waterproof and breathe nicely. You do need to wear better socks in colder weather, but overall worth every penny I spent.

  10. tom gillis:ย  Do you have boots for extra large wide feet,ย  I wear a 14 EEE and have a tough time finding these boots

  11. revzilla why don't you do some reviews and higlights on boots that are budget friendly for those who are in college, like my self, i have been riding for 2 years now (still a newbie) but can't afford all that expensive gearย 

  12. why not show the rider who is wearing the boot with his foot on the shifter side of the bike? And which are comfortable for standing in?
    And how easy/ fast is it to get into these?
    I have an older pair of Sidi Scorpion Air low-rise boots and they are super quick to get on/off but I'd like more protection and something I can wear to a concert and be comfortable when standing at the stage for 2-3 hours!

  13. Hey guys. Just a quick question. I commute to work daily in a round trip of 100km. Im just wondering if theres any protective boots out there that can be worn all day. Im constantly moving and on my feet all day. My Gran Torinos are just to stiff. Something with a bit more flex would be great.

  14. TCX Gore Tex boots…you say waterproof, breathable, guaranteed for life. My TCX Infinity Gore-tex boots are leaking in one spot on one boot…TCX customer service tells me one year guarantee, I'm out of luck at 2-3 years. Maybe check with TCX on that guarantee to make sure it's "life"?


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