2015 Honda CB300F – My New Commuter Motorcycle

The new 2015 Honda CB300F–you get all the great CBR300R features, but in a bike that offers the pure, clean look some riders prefer—and once you see a CB300F, you may prefer it yourself. An added plus: The CB300F is a little bit lighter, and you sit up a little straighter. You’re a little more involved in your riding world. It’s an especially good choice for the urban rider.

The two share the same great engine—bigger and more powerful than the CBR250R, it offers a wider powerband and more power, great traits for a bike in this category. Like the CBR300R, thanks to it’s single-cylinder engine design, the CB300F is narrow, light, and fun. And the fuel-injected engine also offers excellent fuel economy.

But maybe the best news of all is the price. This is one bike you’ve got to check out.

Light, Narrow, Low.
Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the CB300F is narrow, and with its low 30.7-inch seat height and light 348-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.

The Power of One.
The CB300F uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer. Sure that’s tech talk, but the architecture offers some very real advantages. Maybe the most important is power delivery: a single offers the kind of torque and midrange power that’s well suited for all levels of riders.
Awesome Fuel Efficiency.
The new CB300F is a huge winner at the gas pump, with an estimated fuel efficiency rating of 71 miles per gallon*. Plus, the bike is passenger capable and freeway legal—versatile, affordable, and fun! *Honda’s fuel economy estimates are based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions; tire pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.

Single-Cylinder Engine
A single is the perfect choice for a bike like the CB300F. It’s light, simple, provides excellent fuel efficiency and features a broad powerband with plenty of low-revving torque.

The Honda Difference.
The CB300F balances beginner-friendly features with the performance and Honda refinement that make this bike one to keep. Light weight, superb handling, excellent power and unmatched build quality and attention to detail—combine all that with Honda’s famous reliability and the CB300F is an instant winner. ⏘⏘⏘⏘⏘⏘⏘⏘⏘★★★ Amazon.com: Wickedshrapnel PC Build ➼ ★★★ Pushbullet notifications for new uploads


  1. im getting into bikes and looking at this for my first bike… What is making me want a bike is the fact that i need gas mileage… It is 60 miles round trip daily and will be on back roads… Do you think this bike although naked, a good entry bike? Thanks! Also how much do you weigh? thanks!

  2. I have a Fizzer that will hit the Doc Brown in 1st gear. I am thinking about getting the CB300F just because they get 78MPG.

  3. Anyone who doubts 250s or these new 300s is delusional! I had the cbr250r. I rode it from Missouri to Arizona with no problem. 😉 If a bike can do between 65 and 80 mph It is fast enough. I now live in Arizona. great wintertime riding weather

  4. Looking at gettin one of these myself for similar use. Im 6 miles from work and speed limit is 30mph… Only hesitation is am I too tall for it at 6'2" ….?

  5. So i been eyeballing this bike for awhile now im doubting myself want to get this bike for work. Im really skinny and im about 5'8 this will be my first bike after i take the class coz idont wnt to take the dmv test and i want to learn how to ride a manual.lols. so in another word im a beginner would this be a good bike for me im afraid it will be too big for me not the motor but the phisical appearance of it.

  6. Looks like you're livin the life lol. What's the fastest you've gotten? I've toped out at 88mph on mine and I'm only 150lbs won't go past it.

  7. 2 mile commute? Sounds like that would be a great bicycle ride. Im going to be buying one of these for my 40 mile commute which should be nice.

  8. I'm looking at the Honda Grom and really like it, but almost wish the tires were a little bigger. To do that you have to jump up to this model. It almost looks like the Groms big brother.

  9. the colors look great on it. I have a few questions: what is the seating position, straight up? or bent over some? and what's the top speed?
    also, have you had any major problems so far?

  10. I noticed it indicated it was in Neutral but does it indicate the gear too?

    I'm wondering if this is the right bike for me. My commute is 20 miles one-way with 8 of those miles on the freeway at 70mph freeway speed. Would that kind of speed on a daily basis wear out the bike? Should I be looking at a CB 500 instead? I like the fuel economy and the price of the 300, but I don't want it to crap out after a few years.


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