Try as I might, I just had too much to cover in this product review of my 2015 Specialized Fatboy to keep it down to 5-6 minutes. There’s a lot to be said about the bike and riding a fat tire bike in general, these are a few of my highlights.

Here’s a link to the specs:

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  1. +Joseph LampenĀ  How do you feel about fat bikes, in general, for non-winter trail riding? I know you said it was a lot of fun in the summer for you, but do you think they're a lot more forgiving than a traditional 29" HT or even FS? My girlfriend has never gone mountain biking before (we road bike), but she wants to start now. I was thinking a fat bike would be a great "do (almost) everything" bike, because we aren't really concerned with racing/going fast and our main focus when mtbing will be to have fun. I've never touched a fat bike before, so all my knowledge of them is just from stuff I've read on the Internet and videos like yours! We live in TN, so the snow part isn't too big of a factor. What do you think?

  2. I also purchased a FATBOY last December and am thrilled to have this bike. It's great on sandy/rocky river beds. You just need to fine tune the proper tire inflation for your particular terrain. I inflate the tires to max when riding on asphalt. I don't like Sram x7 rear derailuer, and the bottom bracket is already making cracking noise. I'm ready to upgrade to x9 parts and bottom bracket to RACEFACE for the crank set CINCH. The bike is fast and light. I've installed a bike trailer for my terrier dog. It rides like you've got a full suspension bike.

  3. Thank you for the detailed review. What type of pedals do you use on your Fat Boy? I just put money down on a Fat Boy Comp and it comes with Specialized Bennies. I normally ride my Camber with Shimano SPDs. I'm debating on upgrading to some Shimano PD-M324 pedals that have a flat side and an SPD cleat side so I can ride as casually or aggressively as I choose.

  4. Great review, do you know the difference between the model you have and the "expert" model? I'm a heavy rider and my giant trance keeps breaking down on the trail and I want a bike that's bomb proof so I'm not constantly doing maintenance on the trail.

  5. have you had any issue with the free hub? been reading on the fatboy forums where a lot of people been having problems with the free hub exploding. even though spec been good taking care of the warranty, i still have some concerns about this happen to me out in the wilderness this the only thing stopping from buying one at the moment.


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