The coolest commuter on the marker if you ask me. I want one of these, it could seriously handle so much abuse. The 2016 Raleigh Redux almost seems like a strange choice to look at in more detail, but with a history in BMX growing up, it just screams out; GOOD TIME!

Shop Stop-In videos are an opportunity to have a closer look at bikes I like, and hopefully someday to fulfill requests for you! They are short and to the point just to showcase the bike and what it comes spec’d with. Nothing more, nothing less. Future videos may include reviews of the bikes or products shown here upon popular demand.


  1. ive had my redux 1 for 2 weeks and love it, you can also fit 700c wheels with 40mm tires no problem in case you wanted to go that route , its such a versatile bike

  2. I have the redux 1 2016.make sure to tighten things up like cranks because mine fell off. Also don't get to RAD. Just rolling back on my bike I threw the brakes on and my wheel came off bending the break rotor. Bike shop replaced my whole bike. I now tighten cranks up every other ride to be safe. I ride mine long distance on hilly roads here in Tn. It's a workout for sure. Even took it on a rough off road adventure of several miles. Need another set of wheels with off road tires to switch out. I'll get those eventually.

  3. couldn't do the 9-speed. I have a 10% grade that goes for a few thousand meters on my way to work. I would die. Not as in I would metaphorically die as in suffering an agonizing trip up that hill daily. No. I would die. Literally.

  4. Man great video… I'm so torn between this bike, that i could get from a local bike shop or the trex ds 2 from the big city vendor bike shop. Any recommendations?

  5. I'm torn between this bike and the Cadent 3. Similar, but I think the Redux is more versatile for those off-road moments, while the Cadent is quicker with the carbon forks, drop bars, and IIRC more gears/speeds.
    I really appreciate your video though, I can try to read specs all day but after your video I think I understand more what the Redux is for, compared to Raleigh's description. Thanks much! Let me know if you do a Cadent review too, though it probably wouldn't merit "rad" as much. Speaking of, could you kind of "explain" the Merit? It seems like the Merit is a baby cyclocross bike, the Cadent is a streamlined hybrid, and the Redux a dirty Hybrid?

  6. So, Roper or Redux 2? They're probably both city (potholes and curbs) capable but I tend to prefer narrower tires on roads- I do like the larger wheel here though….if these roll slower by default does this need higher gearing to compensate or compare to, the Roper? I'm really looking for a mtn bike look with road performance (I currently ride a customized flat bar road bike but break spokes and need tru-ing often…)

  7. Question, how is the comfort level and seating position of this bike? I have a road bike and don't like it for leisurely rides because I'm leaning over so much. Want to make sure it will be nice for longer rides with family.

  8. Nice video. How would this bike do on longer rides (a few hours), particularly on flat gravel rail trails? I'm primarily looking for a commuter for the city, but occasionally I will hit flat gravel trails on the weekends for some longer rides. I'm hoping to find one bike that can do both things well.


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