Reviewing indoor cycling Apps for Winter 2016-2017. @TheSufferfest @TrainerRoad @GoZwift


  1. Aaron – thanks for these videos man.  My bias – Zwift.  Have you raced at all in Zwift?  Plenty of situations where you're pushed to your max – and the guy on the other end is real

  2. Look for help getting my Apple Desktop computer to connect it's Bluetooth w/ the Sufferfest app. For some reason the Sufferfest app says bluetooth is off when it is on (on the computer). Any idea how to get the app to recognize the computers Bluetooth?

  3. I understand that you have to be brief when talking about 3 apps, but you didn't mention Zwift has races and you can ride with/against random riders that are always on the course. I know everyone has their preference, but I don't understand how someone can just train without any images to look at. Zwift is great b/c you can race, takes into account drafting/tactics. I'll hop on Zwift after work with no energy and tell myself, "I'll take it easy today," but then I'll enter a race and an hour will fly by.

  4. – So, is Zwift the only one where you can program your workouts yourself ?
    – When riding on sufferfest, according on what I understand, the video doesn't change accordingly to your real power input. So the basic cyclotourist can think he's riding with pros in a pro race. Is that correct ?

  5. nice reviews, thanks. tho i seem to have seen fugaz as one of the big four too so would love to see your thoughts on that one


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