We are back at Markham for a demo day I’ve been looking forward to, Pivot is town and I’m getting my hands on a 429 Trail 27.5 plus.

The intention here isn’t to get a professional review of the bike, I’ll leave that to the pros, its more a chance for you to see the bike in action and get my opinion as just a regular rider.

Man is this bike fast. This seems like the perfect recipe for FL; great pedaling efficency, awesome traction from the plus tires and good descending capability. I realize I’m the odd man out here, I like bikes with a bit more travel even if that means sacrifing some of the things this bike does so well, but if you’re looking for a great all around bike that will manage anything FL can trow at it, go and test ride this thing, you will love it.

Spec’s on the 2017 Pivot Mach 429 Trail –

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  1. I rode the same bike at the JD demo. Despite dropping a chain while jumping a table top. I thought it was a great bike. My daily driver is hardtail plus bike, so most full sqush feel plush to me. I'm looking at this bike and the SC Tallboy3. I feel the short travel is the best for FL. But thats just me. Keep the vids coming!

  2. Since riding one in Nevada I knew that I needed to get a 27.5+ setup. My Specialized 650 fattie just monster trucks over anything and is a shit ton of fun. Not as fast as my 29er Scalpel but that bike has been in a closet collecting dust since I got my fattie!

  3. Markham local here, too. Great review. I also used to ride a '14 Giant Trance 27.5 in which I upgraded the fork to a Fox 34 150mm which basically transformed it into the Trance X. I really enjoyed that bike for 2 seasons but found myself wanting a carbon bike w more travel (not sure why) so I got a '15 Pivot Mach 6 carbon. It's the sweet ass blue like the one you demoed and the bike is one of the most capable enduro rigs I've ever ridden. Taken it to GA, NC, AL and it shines but down here it's overkill. I've ridden 27.5+ in NV which has loose terrain and it was awesome but I feel it's overkill for S Fl (maybe not since we have so many roots) but I prefer to stick with traditional width 27.5 tires. Have you ridden any of the new carbon Trance models? How about any other carbon 27.5 (non +)? Keep in mind you're used to an aluminum frame so any carbon frame is going to feel different (in a positive way). I was hoping Pivot was going to make a 27.5 140mm bike but wishful thinking. I'm with you tho, I prefer a slightly more aggressive bike with more than 120mm of travel.

    I'll wait for your next review. Maybe on a Trance Advanced 27.5?

  4. Very Nice, I m a XC guy With a 29er hard tail riding fire roads mostly, but as I like to descent very fast do you think I would enjoy a 27.5 Plus full suspension instead pra 29er full? Thanks

  5. Hi! Would you prefer ordering a 27.5+ or 29” on this bike? I myself live in Central Florida(MtDora) area.. any suggestions would be appreciated!

  6. Nice review here! This is why I'm curious for you to try The Following MB(or the v1) from Evil. Curious to see if you think it gives you more of the enduro feel while still being a "short travel" trail bike.


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