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I am so excited to review the 2017 Yamaha YZ250X. This bike has been a joy and pleasure to own and to ride. It is so great to have a two stroke alternative to the KTM and Husky lineup. Yamaha took a dirt bike that they were still producing for the motocross world and gave it some slight modifications to make it a really great option for off road riders. This dirt bike is great for enduro riding. This bike is great for single track riding. This bike could still do really well if you took it to a motocross track. This is bike is awesome. To date, I have not ridden a bike that is more fun that the YZ250X. It’s superb. It may not be as well rounded as my 2017 KTM 300 XC for as many things, but it’s just as fun to ride, and better in some areas.

Yamaha is doing more for the off road dirt biking world than Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki combined. I say this because they were the first to take KTM head on with their YZ250FX and YZ450FX. Those truly are four stroke, off road racing dirt bikes. Now, they have also given us the two stroke 250X off road racing bike. They are not sitting back on the sidelines watching KTM and Husky just eat up more and more of their dirt bike market share. They are fighting back against the Austrian Dirt bike brand and doing a good job at it. Bravo Yamaha.

There is so much to love about this dirt bike. I love that it’s so light. I love that it’s raw. The suspension is superb, and the frame of the bike keeps things really balanced. Sure, there are a few things that I’d like to change:

The clutch isn’t as good as the hydraulic clutches I’ve gotten used to. The clutch is the biggest let down for me on this bike. It’s hard to modulate the clutch and not take all the power from the rear wheel. It’s not just easy to get that little bit of power back to the wheel, because you end up taking too much all at once.

I would like it to have a little more low end power. Some of this could be remedied by simply lowering the 1st and second gears a touch. I really love where 2nd and 3rd gear is on this bike so I haven’t put a different size sprocket on it. You could also add a flywheel weight, but I haven’t done that either because I love how free revving it is in it’s stock form.

Third, I’d add electric start to the bike, if it could be added without butchering the overall feel of the bike and adding more than a couple of pounds. For the most part, I didn’t miss E-start, but there are some situations where e start is as good as gold, like when you stall it on a hillside.

Lastly, we need a bigger fuel tank on this bike. It’s only got the 2.1 gallon tank and frankly that isn’t enough. It needs to be at least a 2.6 gallon tank to be a serious off road dirt bike.

Other than those things, I think this bike is a home run and I love it. I recommend that if you are on the fence on this bike, get off the fence! It’s awesome and I think you will love it as much as I do.

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  1. Hey Kyle, Yamaha owes you money. I bought the 250x last week and couldn't be happier. I must say your description of the nuances while riding the blue rippah are eerily accurate. Its easy to draw more low end out of it as well. Mototassinari, fmf and stealthy will make it a 300xc eater. Thanks for the review. It saved me $3000 over its ktm counterpart. Not that the 17 orange xc machine isnt amazing cuz it is but, I got a blue smile. It makes me want to rip every day!
    Oh, the neutral shift issue is shifter location. Just needs an aftermaket with a slightly longer shaft and conventional tranny oil.
    The stock tubes are redik! I run michellin ultra heavys with an mt16 120. No problem.

  2. That's what bikes used to be. Fun. Now they are hard to work on. This bike makes Yamaha a good brand again. Had a yz 100 as a kid. Loved it. Moved on to husqvarna. Loved them. Great video.

  3. If you want low end power, and on trails this is key, why not stick to a 4 stroke which excels at it? If this goes better on the pipe then it still belongs on the mx track rather than as an enduro/trail capable bike.

  4. Kyle, have you thought about putting the big bore kit on the YZ250X and the comparing the low end grunt to the KTM 300?

  5. I would like to know if you would ever consider doing a review on a Yamaha WR250R. I know thats not your style, but I ride a 2017 model and like it. just want to know what you would think about it after a ride

  6. Spot on review. I jad a 2014 rmz450 and it just wasnt right for me. This video convinced me to buy a 2017 yz250x. Absolutely love it. Best suspension ive ever had ona bike. I do hit neutral often as well but i love the bike. It makes difficult trails easy, and the price was much better than a KTM.

  7. love your channel man, thanks for all your work. Riding has to be the best therapy in the world, makes life worth living and the world a better place . Peace

  8. I wish Yamaha would not play it safe and actually add these features he's talking about. Most every complaint he has the KTM takes care of. low-end power because it's a 300, bigger fuel tank, electric start Etc. If Yamaha would invest in these features and only slightly increase the price they would have a more competitive package

  9. I am confused as to why you repeatedly compare every single 250 bike to a 300 bike. KTM does make a 250xc. Is the 300xc really just the base point to judge every other bike against your all time favorite? A comparison between a 250 and a KTM 250 would seem a bit better than hearing the 300 has more grunt in the engine every single comparison video. That being said, still love the videos.

  10. I have a gytr 8 oz flywheel on my 17 yz250 non x.

    Trust me when I say it free revs just fine with plus 8 oz. You can't really tell. But more gets to the ground and it will lug lug and lug and not die.

    You made a huge mistake if you haven't tried one yet. Yamahas flywheel is just heavy enough to run it reliable. It's strictly racing. Most people are pro racers and the flywheel litreraly has no negatives. Any very small perceivable slower reving is made up for by hooking up harder. I'd say it may just feel faster.

    8oz won't make it a diesel man. It's take way more than that to hurt the revs considerably

  11. Dude you have the best example of a Utah accent I've ever heard! Thanks for the sweet content in familiar places, hope to bump into to you some day.

  12. would you recommend this bike for me? I do a fair bit of tight tricky slow stuff? but i also get out onto some wide roads.

  13. Thanks. Appreciate the good review of the X. I am a Senior class rider and grew up riding all types of 2 strokes in the 70's,80's. Its funny if i really think about it now. That first ride on a real good handling 2T bike back then was all it took to be hooked for life. I still like modern 4T bikes too though. My favorite was a KTM450exc, being barely street legal to get to the good trails out here in the East. I'm in the over 50 class now and you are really making me want to go back to a light fun, smaller engined 2T bike. Face it I was faster on my smaller 2T's in the woods than I ever was my big bore 4T's. Most would agree with me on that I'm sure that have been riding a long time..Great video…oh big agreement on a factory skidplate. Most aftermarkets I have used aren't really made to look and fit that model your riding. I cased out a DRZ400 years ago with an aftermarket and cracked the center case….ugh!! It was a fun day up until then..No wreck and I got it home in a hurry,,leaking oil all over…bummer..It was the way it bolted to the bike that ruined the case which is my point on an OEM skidplate made to fit that model. Excellent point for all manufacturers.

  14. I own a 2016 KTM 350 XCF-W Six Days with only 7.7 babied hours and everything in the EFI fuel system just died… ECU… Fuel Pump… Relays all went Kaaaapoooot…. What… $ 11K machine and this much grief…. Anyways… Still own it and it is being repaired as we speak, but, I purchased a new 2018 Yamaha YZ 250X and I can promise you from riding my entire life… At 42 years of age this is the BEST BIKE I have ever owned…. Keep preaching Kyle… Everything you say about this bike is correct, but, what an AWESOME MACHINE…. !!!! Keep up the great work and keep those videos coming… 110% appreciated from Morrisville, NC…. Cheers dude… !!!

  15. Kyle I need your opinion on this should I get a new Yamaha YZ250X or just build a perfect 2 Stroke for Pure Off-Road Riding you are mainly my only person I can trust about this subject and I know you will give me a Honest Answer Please Help Me

  16. How is it starting it in gear? I race cross country with dead engine starts and need to be able to start her in gear. thanks!


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