It’s another commute with Zack! As usual, please feel free to suggest a bike you want to see featured here. If we get enough comments, we’ll do our best to send him home on that one next.

This bike by the numbers:

Base Price: $10,999
Displacement: 896cc
Claimed Weight: 485 lb. (220 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 3.17 gal. (12L)
Seat Height: 34.2 in. (870mm)
Measured Horsepower: 83 @ 8990 rpm
Measured Torque: 56 lb.-ft. @ 6060 rpm

Click here to read Zack’s review of the Aprilia Shiver 900:


  1. 36mpg is just a bit too low these days especially for UK gas prices. Why put a heavy exhaust up high makes no sense

  2. The ktm supermoto is called 690 Smcr, the Duke is a naked street bike. I own the smcr and I love it, it has very good brembo brakes

  3. 80 miles between fill ups? That rules out any serious off-road exploring unless you lug a couple 5 gallon jugs in your truck. 485 lbs? If you ride alone like I do you better have strong leg & back muscles if you lay it down. It's a good looking bike but kinda pricey. It's Italian so that's to be expected. But so is anything out of Germany. I would stick to scooters for city commuting, Downside is you can't wheelie a scooter, or can you? Hmm…

  4. MC Commute with the Vitpilen please!!! But I also would like to see more videos with small bikes. I'm about yo buy muy first motorcycle, and I would love to see an educated opinion on things like a KTM 390 Duke or a CBR300. Thanks!

  5. Do a Africa Twin Adventure Sport review and please make a comparison between the normal AT to the AS AT.

  6. I like how you signal your lane changes, Zack! Keep doing these commute videos. It gives me another little thing to look forward to when I'm stuck for career purposes in the Ice Station Zebra conditions of the NJSR.

  7. i m sorry but if you only go for strait streets …of course the shiver is better..
    it s like compare a fish for how good is climbing a tree…….

  8. Great review.
    I have one of these. My 13th bike in 29 years of riding. First ever V2 for me. Love it!
    It doesn´t feel heavy at all. I replaced the 12,5 kg stock exhaust with a 4 kg SC Project.
    Lots of fun. Well built. Nice, solid feel. Lots of sweet details.
    Yes, the low fuel range is a bit annoying.

  9. I am looking at one of these . Dealer gave me 1k off . Is the seat comfortable?? That always worries me ! Also am looking at the Tuono V4 again . Had one already Nd was thinking of another 2018 . This would be my only bike and I am worried about the mileage on the tank


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