I visit Sam’s shop pretty regularly, checking out the new bikes and getting his insights on the industry. He has been selling electric bikes longer than almost anyone in the United States and his shop in Fullerton, California is a fun and interesting place to visit. You can really get a feel for the variety of models and test ride anything that you want.

While exploring the showroom floor, Sam showed me some Riese & MΓΌller, Easy Motion, Fantic, Haibike, IZIP, Bulls, Juiced Bikes, e-JOE, Day 6, and Motiv. We talked about kick scooters and I was able to interview two customers about their interests and experiences at the shop. Those customer interviews can be watched starting at 12:50 and 15:47

Electric Bicycle Center Details:
– Address: 400 E Commonwealth Ave, Suite 6, Fullerton, CA 92832
– Shop Phone Number: (714) 992-5591
– Website:

I have reviewed many of the models we talked about and saw during this ebike shop tour. Some are still in the works and will be posted soon. You can find them by visiting and using the search function.


  1. Always great to see you Court thanks for stopping by the shop and interviewing some customers even Kannika make a rare appearance we are truly blessed to have meet you and are always inspired by your work ethic and uplifting positivity as your YouTube channel grows so does the EBike community

  2. I honestly think you are 1 million miles ahead of all other bike reviewers combined, thank you for a great job I know how hard this can be , you must be on the road all the time. and I love the Electric bicycle center which I found through your videos.

  3. I hope Sam’s shop starts carrying some FLX bikes or get some deal with them to show those bikes.. specially the Roadster!!!

  4. Long time no see Sam! he always seems to be a cool guy. Thanks for stopping by his shop, and it was very good info with the novelties and testimonials!

  5. I love seeing Sam's shop and Sam obviously his stuff is always so interesting and obviously he has a great deal of knowledge

  6. If I ever get to back to California I want to check this place out. Sam seems like such a cool guy and it was your E-Joe bike vid that inspired me initially. I ended up getting the Rad power mini and I love it. Keep up the awesome vids!

  7. Just wish they were more dealers around my area, my local bike shop doesn't know anything about ebikes let alone fix one.

  8. Always like seeing Sam's shop. Here on the East Coast (PA) were still a little behind with the e-bikes and acceptance of them but we are getting there. As always thanks for the reviews.

  9. Sam, I can set-up that guitar for ya. As soon as my Ripcurrent S is delivered next week, I'll ride it to you. I'm in Rhode Island, so it may take a few minutes.

  10. I bought a bike from Sam last week, only because of the info I found on EBR. You guys are both a wealth of knowledge and we really appreciate what you do. I called a few shops before I found Sam in Fullerton and nobody is as knowledgeable or helpful as this guy. Thanks again, Sam! You too, Court!

  11. So just to add to what Sam said, the American Flyer E-Wave S and and E-Wave Tour (sold by dealers) are exactly the same as the Juiced Bikes Ocean Current and CrossCurrent S, respectively (correct me if I'm wrong). Only difference being color choice, and the CC S is $100 less from Juiced. So if you wanted either one of these Juiced bikes, and they were sold out on line, you could purchase the alternative AF bike from a dealer.

  12. Great to see Sam and Kannika! The shop looks FANTASTIC! Sam must be working really hard for everything to look so great! Thanks, Court!

  13. Noticed all the customers were older. Ebikes only appeal to older folks? Or they are the only ones with the money to afford them?


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