This video continues my series of looking at the 2018 Giant bike lineup. This one looks at the cross, gravel and some road bikes.

Cross country mountain bike lineup:

Trail bike lineup:


  1. Giant Anyroad as ton of clearance for bigger tire. The wheels are very heavy (2500g). So if you spend a little money and get some lighter wheels, the bikes becomes a lot more nimble.

  2. Been looking for a good Road bike. I already have a good quality mountain bike but want a good Road bike because I have more pavement than gravel/dirt where I live. I was actually thinking of the defy 2 or 3. I just want a good quality endurance road bike to ride late at night.

  3. The tcx sx appears to have the stem flipped up not down. Hardly a design feature. Gearing more gravel like. We can't get the tcx sx in Australia. The anyroad I believe has replaced the revolt.

  4. Anyone know the max tire width the Defy 3 or Contend SL disc can take? Those are the two bikes I am after and will be riding 90 percent pavement, but the occasional dirt toe path if needbe. I don't want to be stuck on 25c tires when that happens.

  5. I work for Giant in Canada and I can tell you this 2018 line up, its like they are going backwards. They are offering lower range models with downgraded components all of the sudden at higher prices.

  6. Some updated info:

    1:56 – Only the TCX Advanced Pro 1 has carbon wheels (the bike Clint owns). Every other TCX is alloy rims.

    6:20 – The TCX SX Advanced is definitely a 1x. They have updated the website showing a true photo of the bike, not a composite rendering.

    7:15 – The TCX SL is the ONLY cross/gravel bike in this price range with hydraulic brakes, thru-axles, and tubless wheels.

    8:54 – The Anyroad analysis is correct. It is more aimed to non-competitive riders, who will ride on, well, any road. Thus the more upright geometry.

    10:52 – Clint didn't talk much about the ToughRoad SLR GX, which essentially replaces the Revolt, as a tough bike for nearly all gravel/dirt riding, or bike packing, able to take big tires, something akin perhaps to the Specialized Sequoia.

    13:00 – Clint didn't talk much about the Defy, but it has many of the same features as the TCR, but more relaxed geometry, and is one of Giant's most popular bikes. Like the TCX SL, great deals can be had on the Defy, with hydraulic brakes, thru-axles, and tubeless.

  7. what about the disproportionality of the wheelbase and the reach in the L and XL toughroad? why doesnt a yuuge company like Giant let that pass?

  8. Hey My name is Clint and I want to make it clear that im not sponsored by Giant, however I AM semi sponsored by my local dealer who just happens to be a GIANT dealer. That being said i would like to give you my opinion on the new GIANT bikes.

  9. Clint, I just got the 18 Fathom 29 and 18 Tough Road GX and both came with stems and tape installed. I did have to add the sealent.


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