For 2018, IZIP Electric Bikes has expanded their lineup of e-bikes and refined some past models. They have all taken on a fun rich color scheme, with more designs and colors than in years past. I spoke with Keith Cozzens, a PR rep for the company, who introduced me to each model and shared a few details while I filmed at Interbike.

The first model we looked at is called the IZIP E3 Moda. It uses a Brose mid-drive motor and has a sleek integrated downtube battery, much like the IZIP ProTour. This is a Class 3 speed pedelec that can reach 28 mph with pedal assist and has integrated metal fenders, integrated lights, and a rear rack for cargo. He told me that it comes in three frame sizes. I was told that the IZIP Moda will be priced around $3,749.

Next, we looked at the 2018 IZIP E3 Dash which was being shown in a step-thru frame style and bright fluorescent green color. Keith told me that they will still offer a Diamond high-step but did not know what color it would be. This ebike uses a TranzX mid-drive motor which listens primarily for cadence vs. a blend of torque and cadence signals, it tends to be less responsive and thus, a more affordable option than the Brose. I was told that the IZIP Dash will be priced around $2,699. In the past, the Dash model has been a speed pedelec but I noticed that for 2018 it has a trigger throttle and thus, may be limited to 20 mph as a Class 2 model.

Next, we looked at the 2018 IZIP E3 Zuma which is a relaxed, cruiser style electric bike that is being carried forward. It also had an updated paint job. Rather than using a hub motor as with prior years, this version uses the TranzX mid-drive which should be efficient and offers good frame balance. It sounds like the price on the 2018 IZIP Zuma is $2,299.

Next, we took a look at the 2018 IZIP E3 Peak DS (dual suspension) emtb model. This thing is using the higher-end Bosch CX centerdrive motor. The battery pack is seated into the downtube a bit for a more integrated look and slightly lower weight distribution. It appears to come with the larger Powerpack 500 watt battery for longer distance riding or higher output for climbing. It’s running 27.5” x 2.8” plus sized tires from Kenda. This bike appears to be priced at $4,599.

Eventually, we looked at the 2018 IZIP E3 Peak Plus hardtail electric mountain bike, which also uses the Bosch CX motor and Powerpack 500. It appears that this and the Peak DS opted for Purion displays. This e-bike appears to be priced at $3,499

Finally, we looked at the IZIP E3 Path which is another commuter style bike that is using a TranzX motor, a smaller more circular design this time. This one has a rear-rack battery which is not quite as balanced but keeps the bike cheaper at $2,499 and it sounds like it also comes in multiple frame sizes.

IZIP is a part of the Accell Group, which also owns Haibike and Raleigh. They have the EBCC (electric bicycle competency center) and offer a solid warranty and decent network of dealers in the USA. They have partnered with Beeline Bikes to assemble and deliver products that are purchased from their new website. This is a mobile bike repair service that sells franchises going in across the United States.

You can see some of my previous IZIP ebike coverage at and learn more about the company at their official website:


  1. The mid-step Dash look like misstep to me.  I mean if they want to make it more mounting-friendly, why bother with a top tube at all?  Is it to protect the battery?

  2. I love how ahead of time we are watching these reviews. This will be standard in USA in about 5 years. We're behind about 5-10 years on everything. That's when your views will blow up. This channel is like undiscovered oil under your house lol.


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