In this episode we review the NEW RKS Euro4 from Keeway. Is this the best buy in this category? Have your say, let us know your thoughts.
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  1. Hello to you as well and nice episode, really loved the look of that bike my motorcycle spirit has been reawakened!

  2. I love the Keeways, they may be Chinese, but theyre really good. Only wish they had the Keeway Supershadow available in this country. If they had the Supershadow here, id buy one as soon as i save up enough lol.

  3. These bikes make perfect sense as a second bike for commuting for those that have larger capacity machines.I used to run an MZ TS250 as a second bike. I wish more bikes were fitted with an enclosed chain like that was. I found UK big bike owners tend to sneer or look down on smaller bikes-how I laughed in traffic and tyre wear/fuel consumption etc compared to those who stuck to their larger capacity machines.

  4. This bike has such a disgusting clinging sound of the motor running and the exhaust…. like something is loose and fucking it up.

  5. Sadly I am an old bloke now but still love my bikes. This Keeway sounds ideal, at bit more go than your run of the mill and what a good price. Moto GB do bring in some interesting stuff. Keeway is of course a brand of Benelli QJ, so build should be a cut above the majority of the other Chinese imports. Keep up the good and informative work, you two!! You make enjoyable vids.

  6. I just bought a used 2016 model and I gotta say it is really nice (for its price – paid $1000 for it)

    Perfect city bike, but you need to downshift when you're going up on a hill or it is very very windy.
    You dont even need to touch the choke unless it is cold outside.

  7. I think after holding my full group A license for 13 years that little 50cc to 125cc bikes make the most sense for daily use, leave the bigger bikes alone unless you need a bike for long motorway use (250 to 500cc is perfect for mways) bigger bikes or sports bikes are just toys for sunny days


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