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  1. Hey, I got ahold of yummi to, but will you shout out my channel, I’m trying to make my career on YouTube. Your shout out would really help, I do driving vlogs and hunting videos, I’m gonna get a bigger truck soon. I’ll shout you out in my videos and put your channels on mine. It’s DailyRoadTrip is my channel name. Get back to me with your reply soon? Thanks this will be so appreciated

  2. I was at MMS Marietta on Thursday. I bought AL’s Wee Strom. He said he knew you. He’s the guy who does their web photos.

  3. Hey chase I can’t find the Atlanta meetup video. When is it again? What video was it? Thanks In Advance

  4. I imagine it's not you responsible for it but the opposite mirrors are probably left on the right. And right on the left … still works just plain ugly

  5. One gripe about the video. Every acceleration you did, you swapped to the vehicle mounted DSLR and I didn't get to see that. 🙁

  6. Chase i got a 2013 300 ninja… im thinking on getin a sv650 or ninja 650 … i live in the city of Philadelphia

  7. Outro crew! I'd definitely take the 690 over the smaller one. You'll eventually get bored with the power of the smaller engine

  8. Chase! great review as always, if possible, please mention what tyres are one each review you make, and let us know how the tyres feel 😀 I think this is very useful

  9. Great Review. I think about getting the Duke 690 as a temporary bike until the 790 ADV is released. Still not sure tho if 390 or 690… What do you think about longer tours (2-5h). I guess the 690 is a bit more comfortable, right? (But both suck with the wind)

  10. I had a new 690 supermoto back in about 2010 I think, with the ugly beak front mudguard / light unit. Loved it, but it did run out of puff so quickly, and I had to tighten all the bolts once a month due to the single cylinder shaking the whole bike to pieces. Great fun though…😆


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