Mahindra has just given the XUV500 its most significant update yet, with more power, more equipment, better interiors and bigger wheels. Sergius Barretto drives it to tell you what it’s like.

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  1. Hello,
    am planning to buy a new car but confused between Creta vs XUV 500.
    Frankly am more inclined towards XUV but worried about the niggles/failures I read in the net. Is it worth buying XUV500 ?

  2. Being the owner of xuv 500 i say that this car is fun to drive with excellent fuel economy and also here is list of problems that i have faced till now :-
    1. Wheel alignment is never perfect and there is always pull towards left side coz no caster camber setting available in suspension setup.hence once i have to replace shocks to solve the problem .
    2. Gearbox bearing manufacturing defect that i found coz of continuous humming noise from left side of engine . Advisor was not agreeing with it but later with lot of effort they found it and replaced under warranty .
    3. 3 times front wiper linkage set replaced as it was getting jammed all of sudden that shows the quality of the part.
    4.lot of Rusting whether you park ur car under roof or in open (within 2 yrs) . My 4 yr old grand i10 outer body is in crisp condition till now.
    5. Headlights cracking from inside due to heat produced from oem bulbs ( not tempered at all ), high beam alignment was lost coz some plactic part inside it was broken . ( not coveed under warranty)
    6. Orvm noisy coz water entering in it
    7. Cd was stuck inside system coz i did not use it for 1 month .
    8. Clutch slave cylinder failed all of sudden while doing long journey, ( trendy wheels mahindra, kolhapur helped out and repair work was done within 3 hrs )
    Despite of soft driving style clutch was 70% worn out and would last for more 10k (total odo 59k km) so i choose to replace it costing total for rs 18k .
    9. Rear wiper motor failed once
    10. Suspension bushing replaced 3 times or maybe more than that .. i dont remember exactly😂 every year
    11. Black plastic fittings on outer body faded
    There are many more .
    But i have to say that service by mahindra for parts replacement under warranty is fabulous. Also emergency service for sudden brakedown that i faced while long journey is excellent as i faced it twice .
    Hope this information will help you guys


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