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The RadMini is the first and only electric folding fat bike with heavy duty front (optional) and rear cargo racks and a powerful 750W, 48V power system. Equipped with comfortable but compact 20″ x 4″ tires, the RadMini can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport the bike more easily. The RadMini has the ability to take on many tasks you would not expect from a folding bike such as hauls from the grocery store, challenging terrain, and rough roads all without breaking a sweat.


  1. When can i get that battery upgrade for my 2017 RadCity!! I saw "available early 2018" Feb, Mar April? I kind of wish i would have waited for 2018 RadCity šŸ™ Love the bike

  2. Would LOOOOOVE if you guys made a step-thru RadMini with smoother wheels for city riding! That would be my pick, and probably a really popular choice for urban riders.

  3. Iā€™m extremely excited for the release of this bike. It truly seems to be well crafted and superior to other models of its class, especially considering the direct ship to customer price point.
    I love what Rad Power Bikes did here and Iā€™m extremely excited to share my experience with my own RadMini once it arrives.

  4. All the weight including rider is from the seat back. Doesn't appear it will be stable unless on very flat land, at a slow speed (which it already is governed). How often will the tire need replaceing? What is the cost for a fat tire? I'm staying with the original Rad

  5. Mine arrived this Friday! Assembly was relatively easy, the front tire/wheel took some work. "Mini" it is not, this is a hefty bike, and it is not as light and easy to move around as it looks. But, it feels really solid, and a few practice runs with folding it make it easier to 'minimize' in half. So much fun to ride!!! At 6'0 I got it up to 20 mph in full pedal assist, 19 mph on throttle only. Because of its weight and drag, you get a good cardio workout on just leg power!
    Really love this "little" bike šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘šŸ‘


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