2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 on road price:

Suzuki has started assembling their second “big bike” in India – the GSX-S750. The smaller sibling of the flawed, but enjoyable GSX-S1000, this S750 is powered by a 749cc inline-4 cylinder motor derived from the K5 Suzuki GSX-R750. And while its power and torque figures aren’t class leading by any means, this naked streetfighter is known for extremely usable power delivery characteristics.

The GSX-S750 also comes equipped with fantastic brakes and a 3-stage traction control system, which can be turned off if required. Priced at Rs 7.45 lakh (ex-showroom India), it goes up against strong competition from the likes of the Kawasaki Z900, the Triumph Street Triple S as well as the Ducati Monster 797.


  1. Chill out guys Karthikeya will surely be back for the Road Test… however I would pick the Suzuki and not the Kawasaki because of a better exhaust, better electronics and partly because it looks muscular. The Kawasaki Z800 was better in looks than the Z900 IMO.

  2. Thank god.. For not giving gimmicks like ride by wire throttle..etc… Less things that can go wrong… For me a big thumbs up for Suzuki… And for the price also.. And for power add FULL exhaust system along with power commander FC.. Best bang for buck….
    However the weight of the bike is bit of a bummer…

  3. Its very very confusing when people refer their height while testing the seat height. A fat person with 5 feet 10 inches is as tall on a bike as a 5 feet 3 or 4 inch thin guy as the fat guy will be raised by his bum thickness and legs looses inches due to that.

  4. zigwheels keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning, And we're rolling, rolling, rolling yeah
    Rolling on the river

  5. Alwsas go with Suzuki because of that super efficient and smooth engine technology. And also the price and specifications

  6. safety first ! traction control is present in this bike , its okay suzuki had cost cutting to install traction control thats why they reduced the power of the bike which support 750cc engine but its good because it will not heat as much as its competitors unless power is concerned. however, yes if price gets a more low than z900, So it is the best in segment for beginners as well as those who are buying for daily commute ! – z900 is also the best performance bike not doubt but still, will you still buy that bike in 2018 no not at all because suzuki's design is bit more aggressive and yes it is the latest bike so it would be a head tuner !
    z900/650 looks much similar in design at first glance and over powered, however suzuki gsx -s series they just change the look of it from front and little bit in design, No Compromise in safety and quality of materials ! So i think so Suzuki is better bike – My Opinion !

  7. If price is not a constraint, which would be a better option : Aprilia Shiver or MV Agusta Brutale? How would this Suzuki GSX 750 perform in front of Aprilia Shiver and Brutale 750?

  8. Definitely this one. Has all the characters besides being superbly muscular looks. But is pricing a little on the higher side.


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