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  1. Having reflective detail near/along index finger has the benefit of being more visible when using hand to signal a lane change or turn onto perpendicular road

  2. Always make sure the velcro is closed on your gloves when you wash them, together with your other cycling clothing. Velcro can damage your expensive lycra clothing quite badly.

  3. I did a lot of research online and also watched video reviews and finally found a pair of gloves I liked a lot and I thought all my problems were solved, but now the gloves get a horrible smell only after 1 use and I've washed them and they smell after the first use after washing. Do you have this issue? Whats the best way to tackle this issue?

  4. Depend. I Have a gloves of 1 dolar and are very niice. I Dont feel any pain or problem with my hands. Well but i am just a guy with a bike. Not with competition..


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