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1.FLUX – Electric Bikes with Attitude
High performance mid-motor. Powerful battery. 3 models to dominate any terrain. Called “Best eBike”
2.Bolt M-1 : The Ultimate Urban Transporter
Inspired by the classic mopeds from the ’70s and ’80s, but with the technology of today, the M-1 merges software and hardware with retro styling.
3.ZAP – World’s lightest electric bike in its class
Electric bike using Torque Sensor Technology to multiply your effort. Indiegogo EXTENDED 60% off RRP
4.Gi FlyBike: The first e-bike to fold in one second
5.Wave Electric Bike
The Wave eBike is revolutionizing the electric bike market! This super low priced eBike is packed with features, including an incredibly powerful 750-Watt motor with a 28 MPH top speed and cross-functional, all-purpose tires.
0:15 FLUX :
3:21 Bolt M-1 :
5:50 ZAP :
9:47 Gi FlyBike :
7:39 Wave Electric Bike :


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