6ku Bikes – NYC & LA Urban Commuter // GoPro HD

Perfect city bike to get around – it’s fast, sleek and comfortable…oh and only $200.

I purchased my 6ku Nebula 1 Single Speed bike from CityGrounds.com and I have not stopped riding.

I shot, edited, and produced this video using footage from these GoPro cameras:

Hero 4 Silver
Hero 3+ Silver
Hero 3 Silver

I do not own this music, it was produced by fellow Rhode Island native and beat master:

Baby Blue Bic
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  1. this video and your other actually got me sold on this bike. juat ordered the dallas cant wait to fuckin shred it. thx bro!

  2. I want to buy a bike. Last time a rode one is about 11 years ago as I was a child.
    To get to university especially in summer is better by bike.

    But what does urban bike mean? Single speed?! why should i renounce a bicycle gearing?

  3. Cool vid! I first started riding singlespeed around 2011. I quickly caught the 'fixed' bug and flipped my hub. I rode from 2011 until about a few days ago (2015) fixed. I just purchased a new wheelset and felt like installing the rear flip flop hub on the freewheel side. So, I'm now riding singlespeed again. It feel WEIRD. lol I've only ridden one day on the setup and my whole psyche seems to be missing fixed gear. It's a really interesting feeling….


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