This is my review of the 2015 Motobecane Super Strada from Bikes Direct. So far it is a great product and I definitely feel the difference of this bike versus other bikes that I own.


  1. I'm leaning towards the SuperStrada as well. I was initially going to get their Carbon Fiber frames, but this bike at 1000 is a no brainer. I only wish this would not have a compact crank. I live in a flat area. Also, I wish they would have used an Ultegra instead of FSA.

  2. How much you pay for that bike. %0/34 crank and 11-32 cassette is good for ride 100 miles? The bike with 50/34 crank is fast as bike with crank 53/39? or 52/36?

  3. I noticed you have the gel TRK, but in your TRK 1 year later video, it was the regular foam version. Did you exchange the foam for gel? Which do you like better between the two? I have the touring model in foam , but it is a bit firm, and I was wondering if the gel feels better on the sit bones.

  4. Great video. your bike looks great. I'm planning on purchasing one soon. Planning on using it in a sprint triathlon next September. anyways, how is the Strada running. Are you still happy with the bike and your purchase. I'm considering the Strada and the Le Champion CF.

  5. Your video on your bike was very informative. I was thinking about purchasing a Motobecane Turino comp disc brake on bikesdirect. What's your opinion?

  6. You should get on the home scale with and without the bike I bet you'll find it weighs 22+ lbs. We recently bought TWO $900 Mercier Corvus AL''s with the same double-butted 7005 Kinesis frameset and Kinesis carbon fork and our 56cm bike (with Ultegra 6700 gears and triple crankset and 260 gram pedals) is 22.0 lbs even. The Kinesis frameset is not as light as I was led to believe, it's probably 2450 grams frame+fork.

  7. I've been riding a 2016 Super Strada for about 2 years now. I do about 180 miles/16,000ft elevation per week with it and I frequently drop guys and $10K carbon bikes. I changed out the saddle for a Specialized BG Toupe and the crankset for a Shimano 105 (5800) and I get a LOT of compliments on it. I also own 3 other Motobecane bikes and just ordered a 2018 Le Champion CF SL which will be here in a couple weeks. They really are an excellent bike manufacturer and I'm proud to ride them.


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