My .02 on a few Mtb tires that I have ridden in the past and a new one that I recently placed onto the bike.

I did not mention that I believe that all established companies that produce mtb tires have good products. (Same goes for all sporting goods equipment) I do not believe that any one tire is significantly better than another. It comes down to what application you are using it for and personal preference.

For this tire setup: WTB Bronson Race 2.1 front and Panaracer Fire XC Pro Kevlar rear. If you ride typical XC stuff (aggressive), I have found that this combo hooks up quite well. Very predictable and recovers well when the tire breaks traction. Check it out!


  1. Love my Panaracer XCs. I run them on the front and back, and so far they've performed and held up extremely well. I've had them for about a full season so far.

  2. Noob question..I run most flat trails in FL, sometimes with heavy sand. Any recommendations, sizes? I have a 26 Stumpjumper…Thanks!

    Right now I have th stock Purgatory tires (2.2).

  3. I'm looking for a similar setup for myself. I do mostly XC and trail riding in SoCal with some dry, hard packed, and rocky riding. I may have missed it, but what tire pressure are you going with (front and back)? Thanks and keep bringing on the awesome vids.

  4. Thanks for the comparison. Ive been debating between Nevegal and Panaracer forever. I'm glad you did the wtb tires too because I have the old weirwolf on my hardtail and love them. I might try your current setup with the Bronson and Panaracer.

  5. hi is the kenda tire the stick e model as ive had a little look at getting the stick e folding tire as ive seen some were thats what people use which give good grip, if you know much about kenda nevagal tires think thats how they spelt what tire would you reccomend for good grip for the front?

  6. Hi, good simple vid.. I just have one question: Do You run the tires Tubeless? Have You run any tubeless tires? Thanks,

  7. I don't get the OCD obsession with weight, unless you are in competitive racing, but if not, what does it matter? Just ride. I do get the traction/mud shed analysis part of the vid.

  8. For all mountain, marathon or multistage racing like " La Ruta de los Conquistadores" or "BC Bike" I used WTB veloriraptors. Strong tires with lost of grip. For racing XC Racing Ralph but beware of corners and side walls. It is just for racing.

  9. I use the Kenda Nevegal 2.1 front and rear, you are correct, they are a slow rolling tire on hard dirt or pavement. However, the area I ride in has a lot of water (streams and mud holes), dirt mixed with clay and several short and steep climbs. Under these conditions the Nevegals work great.

  10. yes I use nevegal 26x 2.1 up front and a nevegal block eight would like a little more traction on rear without loosing much resistence any suggestions?

  11. i got a Rapid Rob Perfomance 29'' x 2.25 What you think of that tire?
    Im only going Road and some small offroad at the moment.
    What you suggest for my situation?
    Also in my country/town there is high possibility of rain etc in that situation i need to buy something more specific?

    Thanx in advance

  12. how do you like the Bronson now after having it for a while? do you ever ride a wider front tire? i was thinking a Bronson 2.1rear and Bronson 2.25front. In your opinion is it worth it?

  13. I guess it's a matter of taste–to some extent–but for me 2.4 or 2.35 is waaaay wide for xc riding. They are more appropriate for downhill. The rolling resistance is going to be pretty high on xc trails. I actually tried 2.35 in a Maxxis Instinct (discontinued long ago) and found it very slow. For xc riding my preference is 2.1 with an aggressive profile for the rocky trails in my area. Are tires of that width being marketed for xc riding now? Either way, I would not go that wide for XC.

  14. I have been using the panaracer fire fox for almost 6 years now to be honest I am kind of finding it hard to change want to try something else but dont want to get stuck with a tire I dont like the panaracers are light and durable I only ever got one flat with them on my 4th set now they do last quite a long time


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