The Add-E electric bike kit is exceedingly compact, light weight and easy to remove (for temporary unpowered use) though it does produce more noise than most of the ebike kits I’ve tested. The bottle style battery pack is beautiful, the cap twists to add power at 50 watt increments up to 250 making it legal internationally, limited top speed of 15.5 mph. Lots of optional accessories including a twist or trigger throttle, the included five magnet pedelec disc isn’t super responsive but works well and qualifies as Class 1. Compatible with a wide range of bicycle types but may require extra work to install (completely removing the bottom bracket), solid six month battery warranty.


  1. Is there anyone who knows where to find an official technical specification sheet for this thing, like in every toy, drill, fan box or whatever electrical?
    A copy of certification, registration (company and product), governmental security approval, declaration of conformity?
    Because when I ask Add-e on their channels, they don't reply and delete my requests!

  2. +Pavle Pavlovic Well observed. I 100% agree with your coherent comment. It is true that this product is a real CRAP in every aspect. Considering changing the tier every 30-35 miles, and the battery (300 $) every 6 month and what you have to pay meanwhile to the vendor for repairing because it is a poor quality material and not secured, makes that buying a real and serious electric bike will certainly save you a lot in wallet, nerves and Asprin expenses.
    PD: Probably Add-e will soon report your comment as spam, like other similar ones we don't see anymore. 🙂

  3. Hi, What is the speed that I get if I add 250w motor to my fat tyre cycle ? Which one is good for fatbike ? 250w or 500w or 1000w ?

  4. 250volts may work well for 250w-500w motors so you could use 1amps continuous discharge current on low 2.5 or 5ah capacity battery packs which would keep discharge current on cells low

  5. Anyone know of the most inexpensive solution for a e bike add on? Don't care about looks or weight just need power and range.

  6. Because it spins in contact with the tyre, how much wear is there on the tyre? I remember similar products twenty plus years ago and the rate it wore the tyre was incredible. Wasn't worth the expense.

  7. Gearless direct drive !> Erm the wheel is the gear with friction drive not 'Direct drive' get it right or why bother do a review!
    Have you mentioned the power waste through compressing the tyre when engaged ?


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