The AddMotoR HITHOT H1 Sport is a cheap full suspension electric mountain bike built with light trails in mind that comes in one main color but offers four different color accents, blue, orange, yellow and green. Bafang 500 watt hub motor motor drives the bike to a top throttle only or cadence sensing pedal assist speed of 20 mph and 48 volt 10.4 amp hour battery gives a range of around 25 miles. Mechanical disc brakes in the front and rear with motor inhibitors to help ensure the shortest possible stopping distance. Fun bike overall and a good value buy but the location of the motor in the rear wheel means Hithot H1 has unsprung weight which can reduce the effectiveness of the rear suspension, entry-level drivetrain.


  1. Nice review. Since I saw it on Amazon I thought that it would be a good bike. And your text ride proved it.

  2. A full-suspension electric mountain bike for a sensationally great price. I'm amazed what you get here for little money. Nobody can say that a sporty e-bike has to be expensive. Great video about a cool bike.

  3. "VOL" is obvious voltage. This display has thermometer on it. I would love that on mine. I leave home at 5:30am everyday. I can't use any analogue thermometer because I can't see it in the dark. I basically stray a desk LED backlit thermometer on my handlebar as an only work around.

  4. Excellent review, Brent! BTW: I like that your helmet extends further down on the sides. Do you ever feel it impairs your hearing too much, or is it tolerable? I enjoyed the final scene of your drone footage, also!f . Thanks!

  5. This is a great bike for the price! Glad to see your reviewing more reasonably priced bikes like Addmotor. If these cheaper bikes could just get the juiced bikes electronics where you can use torque OR cadence sensing then we would really have something in the under two thousand dollar bikes.

  6. Thanks for the explanation of torque vs cadence sensor. You said the torque sensor is more affordable. I'm surprised by that based on your description of the two. Did you mean cadence is more expensive?

  7. Excellent video. Very informative.
    When I was just recently researching electric bikes I seriously considered this exact bike. However I decided to go with Rad Power City's Rad Rover. I was less expensive and greater range and power.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Excellent video, a testament as to why the future is customer direct via the internet. I bought two ebikes online, one on eBay another on Amazon. The Amazon bike came with free in-home setup. At this point, most of the manufacturers are making the bikes in China, and the quality is pretty solid. The bike shop model is obsolete and way too expensive for a general purpose nonspecialized use case. I would guess that $1,000 price point will become the norm for most nonexotic e-bikes. After being a very diligent Shopper, I paid $625 for a gently used 2017 Magnum MI5 and $655 after dealing with a few headaches with Amazon for a Jetson Rose both came with warranties.

  9. Well, this is definitely your best video yet. I liked the slow motion and drone shots. The bike looks like a fantastic value as well.

  10. I purchased an Addmotor "Motan" cheapie bike (2017 model year) as my first step to ebikes. Different from the HitHot, its a fat tire bike, which I would not recommend – tires are just too heavy and unwieldy, particularly with the added weight of battery and motor. I found the Bafang hub motor to be problematic. When the motor gets stressed, for example steady uphill or long(ish) period of max assist, it just goes dead until it recovers. This is a big problem, as the added weight of an ebike without assist makes the bike into an anchor. I also don't like all the complexity of a hub motor that makes removing the rear tire a hassle and prefer having the motor weight more centered rather than having all the weight on the rear tire, along with body weight. The bike's total build quality is questionable. Loose bolts, heavy metals, chain issues, and I find the brakes are a little weak for to my taste. In general expect this bike to be heavy, as there is no consideration given to weight management – just check that big hunkin' kickstand hanging off the rear. And I'm not going to be as optimistic on the effectiveness of the suspension. Its really low end and that spring thing is pretty poor. I still have the Addmotor, but moved up to the Levo Turbo Comp FSR, which, so far, is perfect. I do a lot of trail and street riding, living on a 100 m hill, so the ebike assist really helps. The Brose drivetrain on the Levo never cuts out, super quiet, lots of power when needed, and good weight distribution. Exactly what I was looking for in an ebike. I still use the Addmotor bike for light riding (to my local coffee shop or something like that) but the Turbo Levo is the real thing, great engineering, and to me worth the price – yes even at 3X the Addmotor. I look at the Addmotor as a throwaway after I have ridden it into the ground. To be honest I think this review is a bit too favorable and not critical of build quality, parts, safety etc. Just look at what happened when walk mode was started – thats more like run fast mode. I mean come-on, when the bike jumps away from you at high speed in walk mode, you gotta call it out as a major issue. And thats symbolic of the bike in general. Finally, I would never take this bike on a real trail. It will just get trashed and rider could get hurt. To be fair, the low price, throttle, and sale through e-commerce will certainly attract customers. The price is very low and yes, that throttle is useful (great at stoplights), but illegal or certainly unwelcome in many places.

  11. "most of the stopping power comes from the front"…sounds good, if you want to go over the handle bars. The larger disc in the back evens out braking to avoid tipping over the front wheel. That said, I'm fine with the standard 160mm front & back or any set up that works for the individual rider as long as you know to adjust your braking habbits.

  12. Bad form to use a battery that's mostly depleted – performance will suffer due to voltage drop. Court must still cringe at the tone of these reviews. At least not using "bottom of the barrel" any more πŸ™‚ – now it's "not terrible" with a side of disdain, lol. Nevertheless, while the bike's name is beyond ridiculous and smacks of Chinese marketing cluelessness, it's a decent value.

  13. Which one you’re recommending to buy the Addmotor Hithot H1 or the DJ Bikes Mountain ? You reviewed them both. Thank you


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