Addmotor MOTAN New Electric Bicycle 4 Colors Fat Tire Portable Smart Folding Electric Bike 2017 For Beach Snow All Terrain 500W 48V M-150 E-Bike
Max-Speed Is 23 MPH And Single Charge Is 55 Miles Using The Level One Assist
MOTAN M-150 Electric Bicycles 2017 Design Fit 5’2″-6’6″ And Max Weight 300 Lbs
500W Brushless Motor Easily Conquers The Beach´╝îBut 350W Can’t
Everyone Who Has Seen The E-Bike Is Interested In It , Wants A Try.
Folding Top-Tube, Frame And Pedals In 10 Seconds,Easily Store Into Any Vehicle.
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  1. High Pass Christian Mississippi I'm in Biloxi and I just purchased the rad Mini which after watching your review looks exactly the same as your bike but I think it's got a 750 Buffet motor anyway do you ever get over to Biloxi? Nice review!

  2. Rode mine for the first time today. Love at first ride. Saved a few hundred over the Rad fold-able. No hills in New Orleans so 500w motor is more than adequate.

  3. Thanks for the review. I have problems with my spine and in particular my neck and before my op nerves were damaged and walking/standing hurt a lot and was very tiring. Since the op I don't have as much pain but still can't walk or cycle the way I used to also I can't ride a standard bike as I can't lean forward with my head back.
    Up until now I have been riding an Electric Unicycle and it's been great to have my freedom. I use it for work, visiting friends/family and rides with my kids. I've been looking at foldable e-bikes like this, for the upright riding position you mentioned, because depending on the weather I can't always ride my EUC so have to walk more and get the bus which causes pain, stiffness and tiredness.
    Anyway, you've been a great help so Thank you.


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