1 July 2018 – Trans America Trail

DAY 1 Marlinton, WV – Covington, VA

The first day we got a super late start and didn’t get on the road until 4:30. We hit the dirt roads and took our time getting used to how our bikes behaved in the mostly gravel roads. They day went very well and we arrived at about midnight exhausted and happy we made it through our first day.

See how much it costs to do build a TAT Bike: bit.ly/tat-spreadsheet

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About me:
My name is Danan Coleman. I love going on adventures and do so as often as I can. My friends were always commenting on the fact that I am always doing something fun, so I started Adventure with Danan to catalog my adventures and provide the entertainment to others so that:
1. You can see areas that they may want to also travel/explore
2. You see that all roads lead to adventure and you can travel them anytime you want.
3. You don’t have to a lot of have money to have fun.

Our planet is a beautiful place and it’s here for us to explore.

– Adventure with Danan
“Welcome abroad”


  1. I have never done part of the TAT but I have struggled to find my way via forest roads. There are so many turns it is easy to get lost. A problem I run into here in Oregon is closed roads. They will be open one day and closed the next…

  2. Awesome work guys! A couple buddies and i are planning for next June so we will be watching your entire series. When is the next upload? LOL


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