Research has shown that an aero helmet is the best bang for your buck when it comes to time savings on the bike. But, all aero helmets are not created equal!

Coach Dale gives insight into the different considerations when choosing an aero helmet, and what he thinks is the best choice for amateur racers based on the event they are training for.

Basic recommendations:
Full Coverage/Low Ventilation (shield, ear flaps, fewer vents, long tail or short tail) – Best for sprint and olympic distance triathlons, cool weather half (70.3) triathlons, any cycling time trial with the exception of over 40k in the extreme heat

Partial Coverage (no shield, minimal ear coverage, more vents or ventilation options, long or short tail) – Best for Iron distance (140.6) triathlons, but this is the most universal platform if you only have one aero helmet

Aero Road (no tail, no ear coverage, possible eye coverage, decent to high levels of ventilation) – Best for draft legal triathlon, crit racing, and road racing with the exception of extreme heat. This IS NOT the best option for triathlon or time trialing


  1. Please recommend an aero helmet that has a good visor that can be moved out of view, but not removed. Giro has one on hinges, but it scratches every time you move it up.  I don't like the magnets visors….I'll lose that first time I take it off!


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