This is a great, inexpensive bike rack. Find this low cost rack on Amazon USA:
Amazon CANADA:

It’s the hitch mount version from Allen Sports and is available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 bike models. I recommend the Premium Version – a little easier to use.
For an easier to load, but more expensive bike carrier, look at the Hollywood Platform Style Bike Rack:
Amazon USA:
Amazon CANADA:


  1. Thank you for this review! I actually have the same van and with the same number of bikes & kind of bikes. I think I will go with this one and order it right now through Amazon. Thanks again!

  2. Hello I was wondering if you use any kind of tie downs or bungee cords to secure the bikes from swaying back and forth. If so what do you recommend. Thanks

  3. you can not see your reg or lights with this bike carrier, do you not have to put up a light board or are the laws more relaxed where you are?

  4. It appears as though the 3rd bike you had on the rack (white framed bike) had its front wheel removed. Was that because the bike would not fit on the rack with all 4 other bikes if the front wheel was still attached?


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