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  1. Had a same issue. But my mechanic said the head has wore out and needs replacement. For which I was charged 2000(part) + labour (1500)=3500

  2. Wandersane….
    I agree,
    Mood off ho jatha hai, be it bike or car.
    Same was the feelings here when my bike was having prob.
    When my car had dent.
    Take care.
    God bless u.

  3. Month back exactly Sam problem I face with my CBZ when I noticed I was 40km away from home & I have sum luggage with that time. my bike mechanic say problem is oil is not pumping in upper side of engine. Till know 2 time changed chain tensioner
    Still bike not properly running.
    I think I got Exactly what is problem in my bike after watching this video.

  4. Bro please kisi ache location pe jau or drone shots nikalo……. because I really like ur drone shots……pehle vale video me bohot badhiya liye the shots

  5. Bro waha k service centre mey Nilesh sir or Ram ji dono he badiya kaam karte h engine sound se problem pata laga lete h 90% , haq h unke pass jane ka…

  6. Esa same incident mere sath hua Tha Maine apni starcity ka clutch plates change Kiya Tha ar usme see aawaj aane lgi thi initially Mai Dr gaya Tha ar lg Raha Tha ki khrab na ho jaye but baad me pta chala normal hai vo ar kuch dn me aawaj and bhi ho gai thi. Usi tym Maine alibagh ki trip Bhi Mari thi us bike pe Dr Dr ke…..

  7. Bhai sasta hai cbr 250 ki 450 ki hai aur laber 250 tax wax lagake 720 tk aur saala hr 7000km mein kharab ho jaata hai

  8. The chain tensioner keeps the timing chain tight, the timing chain moves the cam shaft, the cam shaft controls the valves, valves control air fuel mixture into combustion chamber… This problem should not b ignored it can cause serious engine damage if timing chain breaks

  9. Bro it was the Chain Tensioner, I had the same issue with my CBR 250 for like almost 6 months it did not create an issue n I got it fixed last week


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