This is the second part of the video series showing the construction details of the revolutionary Monolith bicycle.
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  1. Thank You for using a lot of manual equipment the average guy can afford. What I mean is a lot of builders that are sponsored use the best stuff money can buy and You really do not get a feel for how to do things the "poor Mans" (no offense to Me or anyone) way. I've been waiting for this part 2 for a long time. Thanks again Ron, Your a magician and a great teacher. Saving up for Your motorcycle build series, I will own them !!!

  2. Wow. That bike design is from 1991. If I had seen it back then I would have flipped my wig. Very interesting to see how it was made. Thanks for sharing this. If only I had known how to do it back then, I might have even started a bike company like a number of my friends did.

  3. Hi Ron, I love the jig. Back when i was researching jigs It would have been so great to come across this video. I would have used this method for my first frame. Thanks for sharing and im sure many future builders will thank you too. And thanks for the plug! 😀


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