Since building the CX bike I’ve been toying with the braking. The old canti’s were ok but in the wet they started to squeal a ridiculous amount. I’d done some reading and seen that “salmon” pads were meant to be good for mud and wet so bought some Velo Orange pads. They may have stopped the squealing but they definitely didn’t feel like they had any decent stopping power.

I was planning on building a retro MTB so figured, two birds one stone, I’ll upgrade the CX canti’s and use the old ones on the retro build. The barely used Avid Shorty 4 brakes cost me £20 on eBay and this video is just looking at how I installed them.

They seem to have a good amount of bite so I’m looking forward to trying them out.


  1. Is it possible to swap out the Cantilever brakes for Vbrakes? Vbrakes were the next step after Cantilevered and right before discs.


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