This week on the Bearded Bike Tip we answer a question from a YouTube viewer about what the different component levels are for Sram and Shimano.

You can find the website post about Sram vs Shimano components here:

Shimano component rankings and sram component levels can be somewhat confusing as each company has multiple groupsets for mountain bikers. This video will give you a basic overview of how shimano components and sram components rank with each other.

XTR, Saint, ZEE, XT, SLX, Alivio, Acera
XX1, XX, XO1, XO, X9, X7, X5


  1. i currently have an x5 system on a £649 bike and it works brilliantly, x5 cost £40 i think and acera and alivio cost under £35, x4 and x3 are missed out on the poster and they are about the same level as acera and alivio, also, altus and tourney are missing on the shimano side

  2. I've had xt, alivio, acera. There's not much difference. Just knowing how to maintain them and keeping them tuned up is far more important in my experience. I ride trail/xc in the uk, do red runs and I'm on an ebike. I want to try Sram though, just to see a comparison. I find with full suspension the Silvio can make a colicky noise them pedalling and suspension is compressed on the rear. Kind of annoying as I like a quiet bike

  3. I think you are into bikes, I cant ride a bike, A balance problem. I am looking to get a trike, I am looking at the 3×11 gears. I want to get a Proshifter racer. I wont be running hills, just trails. I was told about the Shimano, the Di2, xtr, alfine, if this makes cents. Can you tell me where to go with this, As I don't think you deal with trikes. I am looking at the AZUB Ti-Fly, Thanks

  4. Hey budy great job. I was looking for this myself end doing a research and printing from the web etc. You put it simple. Now it it would be nice to see the cross comparison like you said X9 would be similar to this shimano but with all of them.

  5. So I'm thinking about switching from sram x7 complete groups on my norco shore one. I would be getting a shimano saint shifter so switching to a 1x 10 from a 1x 9. In your opinion which do you think would be better for dh. Thanks

  6. You need sram: xx1 xx x01 gx eagle xx1 xx x01 xo x1 gx nx x9 x7 x5 x4 x3 shimano: Xtr saint zee xt deore xt slx Altus alivio Acera tourney


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