Detailed review and comparison of the best recumbent exercise bikes here:

Are you searching for a low-impact cardio equipment to develop your cardiovascular system or burn calories? Don’t you like the hard workouts or you suffer from injury?

Then a recumbent exercise bike is maybe the best fitness equipment you can have at home. These machines are easy to use, comfortable and safe even for seniors.

There are many models with basic and advanced features such inbuilt programs and adjustable resistance level. in the video above the top-rated models have been shown.

If you want to know more recumbent exercise bikes, visit the link above, and see the detailed reviews and comparison of the best models.


  1. Exercise bikes are a wonderful option for building your general fitness and endurance.This article makes compelling points on treadmill and exercise bike: Whilst they will let you lose weight, they are certainly not as effective for weight loss as either a treadmill or cross-trainer since it fundamentally works from the leg muscles. A treadmill is a fantastic tool for burning calories, around 100 calories per mile the truth is, and will also make it easier to build up your speed and endurance. However, unlike additional options, you can be supporting your very own body mass for the treadmill, so is no easy choice for beginners.


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