Are you looking for the best bike mini pump? If you spend any significant amount of time on a bike, then you need to be prepare to repair a flat tire. You can carry a CO2 inflator, but these have several drawback including the limited use and the chance of a problem with a cartridge. The alternative is to carry a mini hand pump. There are many hand bike pumps on the market and most leave much to be desired and their flaws have lead to the rise in popularity of the CO2 inflator, but the Lezyne Road Drive HP is not one of these inferior hand pumps.
The Lezyne Road Drive HP is the best bike hand pump you can buy. The Lezyne Road Drive is constructed of CNC’d aluminum and has a screw-on flexible tube to securely attach the pump to the tube valve so that you can focus on holding the pump and getting air into your tire and not holding the end of the pump on the valve.
Another flaw of many hand pumps is their lack of ability to inflate your tire to an air pressure that inspires any confidence when riding it. Sure, you can limp home, but can you finish your ride knowing that your tire is not under-inflated? With the Lezyne Road Drive HP(stands for High Pressure,) you can inflate your tire to a very ride-able pressure(90psi.)
Check out the video as I show you the pump and detail the features while I demonstrate it’s ability to inflate a tire to full riding pressure.
Get the best bike mini hand pump out there, the Lezyne Road Drive HP, and you will not be disappointed.


  1. That pump looks long comparing to the Topeak Race Rocket HP mini pump. What size is the Lezyne, medium or large? Need to purchase one to carry with me on a long ride and it's between the Topeak or Lezyne. Thanks.

  2. ordered mine on amazon. looks great and fits on the down tube. I ended up ordering the large. I hope to never have to use it. thanks for the review


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