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I’m a Washington born rider based in the great pacific northwest, i enjoy making videos and more importantly love riding bikes! Ive been riding since i was a kid for fun but got competitive in the last few years. I hope you enjoy watching me as a rider and content creator improve over time.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Recon Silver RL that come with the Marin is an air shock. It uses Solo Air thing. The TK version is coil.

  2. Someone please advice me, I am trying to get my first full suspension mountain bike specifically Trail. I currently own a hardtail cross bike with SR Suntour XCM forks. Pretty shitty, freezes as soon as it's 5 degree centigrade. Can't even handle street bumps and curbs to save it's life. My road bike damps way better than this crap Just a pile of shit.
    I want to try a full suspension MTB but, I am not ready to buy a new one since I can't tell if I would like the entire thing.
    I am eyeing this one for around 400-500 USD.. I think it's about 10 or more years old.
    What do yall think about this decision?

    The ones I have been eyeing (Bulls Copperhead), have pretty goodlooking forks from Suntour Raidon and the old XT. The other one had Rockshox Tora 302.
    Please help, I don't want to regret buying the wrong components. I know how to check for cracks and worm parts but, I don't have experience in selecting the right components because of the vast option to choose from.
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  3. Belfort zotz 1, full suspension bike and it cost less than $850 dollars
    Or zotz 2 with an X Fussion shock
    Or zotz 3 with X Fussion Fork and shock ( like $1,300 dollars)
    But it's an Mexican brand so they only sell them in Mexico, it's a very good brand with good bikes. Go check them. (


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