Today we talk some about enduro styled tire combos! We look at the Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 and Maxxis Aggressor 2.3, The Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.35 and Nobby Nic 2.35, and the Specialized Butcher 2.3 and Slaughter 2.3. These tires all fall into the enduro tire category because they have solid tread for rough or technical terrain, but also arent too heavy for longer climbs or more pedal heavy riding. They’re great combos for enduro and all mountain riding! After looking at them I tell you out of all the combos i’ve run which has been my favorite enduro mountain bike tire. Hope this offers some help in anyone looking to make their next mountain bike tire decision!

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  1. my combination is front tire DHF 2,5" 3C maxx grip , rear tire aggressor DD 2,3" , for mud is front tire shorty 2,5" maxx terra

  2. Dude, the intermission music is far too loud compared to the volume of your voice, perhaps consider another soundmix next time? Great vid though!

  3. I really like this review , going over some of the major tyre brands and combos with a well detailed review and ride exp with them , considering a sub after a 2nd video! But for Schwalbe Nobby Nic's have been sought as one of the weaker tyres when it comes to durability as they only come in the regular evolution casing unlike the Super gravity casing on the magic mary, i recommend using a HansDampf super gravity or evo casing with the Magic mary's as i can certainly vouch for Schwalbe's unparalleled grip and Reliability , Nobby nic's have been used in XC and i live in a area with mostly rock gardens and techy decents and techy uphills with very little flow. (Singapore).

  4. I ride 2 to 3 times a week and have been mountain biking for 15 years. I've been running nothing but nobby nics for the last 4-5 years ( Snake Skin Evo Pacestar TLR 25 psi) with zero issues.. I ride in mostly rocky/rooty conditions and weight 200lbs. My carbon rims are beat to crap but I haven't punctured/slashed 1 single Schwalbe tire. Schwalbes grip and roll like no other. I can only chalk this up as your A.) reviewing these tires based on what he said she said, B.) Choosing the wrong casing) C.) horrible at line selections.

    I'm not affiliated with Schwalbe what so ever. I'm just tired of reading/hearing Schwalbes are prone to punctures when I have first hand experience that they don't. You mentioned you punctured them on the first few rides but yet rode them for 3 months. Did you keep buying them after puncturing them? Who keeps buying 70.00 puncture prone tires?

  5. Great review, I have been leaning towards the Maxxis ties and this confirms my thoughts. Thanks. Can you give me the link to the site you bought the Maxxis tires from?

  6. Thanks for this review. I got a 2017 specialized SJ with same butcher/slaughter combo.But I've heard from many people that 2 butchers are better than having the slaughter and am thinking of saving the butcher for the rear and getting another wider one for the front for summer rides. I went for Maxxis finally but DHF/DHRii for the winter instead since I'm still learning to ride and heard the aggressor is better if you are an advanced aggressive rider.

  7. Slashed NN (back) on second ride…
    And I switched my front NN (put at the back) for a minion dhf, way more efficient for pedaling despite what I could read…
    So I'm soon gonna change the back for a aggressor

  8. The Maxxis are boat anchors compared to the Schwalbes. The Schwalbes should be run tubeless and low psi, the Nic at the very least should be tubeless. Absolutely no longevity issues riding Vancouver Island and Whistler (2.35 Magic Mary, front (trailstar/evo/snakeskin) & Nobby Nic, rear (pacestar/evo/2.25)…but I'm fairly light and so is my bike.

  9. I have a 2017 Stumpjumper and I have to say the stock Purgatory 29er tires have held up SO WELL. Jumping any stair set I am confident I wont pop it. Even low pressure jumping up stairs it won't puncture!

  10. You should check out some tires from Continental, been running them for over 3 years now, and I have never had any issues with them, they're grip is crazy and there sidewalls are super tough, and there tread life is ridiculously long :O.

  11. I got many problems with Nobby Nics in the back too. Even without slashing the tire wears out way too quickly. I am using now the Magic Mary back and front and sometimes the Maxis Minion DHF 2.5 in the front. Both are good. The Magic Mary is visibly larger than the Maxis Minion DHF 2.5.

  12. Brother just got the same maxxis combo on my bike and was freaking out it might be the wrong one. I'm a big kiwi male and my mates are starting to take me down some crazy track's I need stopping power. Good to have a big fellas opinion keep them coming

  13. Hi Thomas, thanks for the review. I use my full sus trail bike for everything. literally from commuting all year round to enduro, trail xc. Puncture protection & grip would be desirable over rolling resistance. do you think these tyres would be a good choice? 

    I have bontrager xr1 currently and it keep skating around in mud which can be fun, but i feel like its holding my speed back now. I feel like its too much xc for my liking.

  14. What tires would you guys recommend for my hardtail, I ride mostly hard pack or loose rocks and I'm looking to make my school bike a bit more aggressive. So far I was thinking about a Maxxis icon on the rear and a high roller 2 up front

  15. I’m not sure why so many people get flats with Schwalbles. I have ridden different sets on cyclocross and mountain bikes for years and have only had flats when I ran tubes. I ride in upstate ny and there are a lot of roots and rocks. I really like some specialized and bontarager tires too. Hillbilly grid and the xr4 are really good. But if you shop around you can get Schwalbe and Maxxis cheaper.

  16. Were you riding high gravity at chewacla? I had nobby nic and got a side wall puncture on a smooth flow trail. And the rear tire would burp sometime when i would preload for jumps. Not my favorite setup. Now I got WTB breakout in the front nic on the rear. It's good but the nic is high maintenance


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