BikeRadar’s US team check out the best deals on road bikes for under $1,000. They explain the key testing criteria before revealing the winner of the group test. If you are after a new bike for Christmas then this video should help with your research.

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  1. got a fuji cyclocross for 1100 with all sram apex gear set. Currently, Shimano Sora gear set bike are priced in the 600-800, Tiagra 800-1000 and 105 are 1000+ at performance bike. I seen sora for over 1k and that is a joke for that gear set.

  2. Two weeks ago I got an end-of-season 2015 Specialized Allez Sport for $1045.00 Can (Under $800.00 US) with Wellgo pedals and 2 Bell plastic bottle cages….taxes included. I'm happy I chose a popular model…I didn't see this video before….I had a choice of a Trek, Giant and Cannondale (But they were 2 cm larger than I preferred). This video mentions they tested eight models….they didn't mention the others, and what kind of components they had. Would've been better if they at least shown those bikes.

  3. I wanna get into cycling, but I'm a beginner and I don't want to spend too much on a road bike (I have a budget of around $750, I don't want to spend anymore than that because I have to save for university money). Does anyone have any recommendations of a good yet cheap road bike that fits my budget? And any good/cheap bike trainers (budget of $200)? I don't plan on doing marathons or anything YET, but I just want to ride at home for a few miles on a bike trainer for exercise.

  4. I can buy a Shimano 105 5800 with $1000, but not popular brands. But who cares? You can't buy a road bike with good gears and popular brands, you gotta choose one.

  5. maybe things changed within a year but i bought a brand new giant defy 1 and its fully 105. Seems a much better choice.

  6. whats the bets that after seeing this video the specialized people wont be selling these bikes at a thousand dollars anymore…

  7. thats not bad 1,000 dollars for a bike but paying 8,000 dollars for a bike it will feel like pedalling on rocks without the saddle , but only with the seatpost Ouch

  8. whats the point, when you could get a used bike with full shimano 105, better wheels and even shimano ultegra. Makes no sense spending that much, might as well top up a few hundred to get a better wheelset and groupset. $1000 is compromising on everything else except on frameset. Even then, the frameset is still alloy made and fork is still mostly aluminum. its just a pity for your money should you buy sub $1000 bikes new.


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