The BESV TRS1 is an ultra-lightweight hardtail electric mountain bike with premium Fox Peformance Elite air suspension fork, Shimano E8000 mid-motor, Deore XT drivetrain with one-way clutch, and Deore XT hydraulic disc brakes. Available in three frame sizes but only one colorway, specced with Shimano Pro carbon handlebar and seat post, comfortable Ergon SME30 saddle and sturdy locking grips, bottle cage bosses on seat tube. Compact Di2 display panel is used with physical triggers on left to navigate three assist levels, optional Shimano e-TUBE app lets you dial in Trail and Boost mode, battery looks great and is positioned well but isn’t completely hidden. Smaller 2.6″ plus sized tires are quicker and lighter than 2.8″ or 3.0″ and are easy to convert to tubeless, stiff thru-axles front and rear with wider boost hub spacing, more expensive than comparable cross country ebikes with alloy frames, bulky charger, no provisions for adding a rear rack.


  1. Hi
    I love watching your reviews, great knowledge, plenty of enthusiasm and professional presentation skills.
    Your passion for these bikes kind of rubs of too, one of the best channels on utube.

  2. Just joined your review site, love it. I'm looking for that bike to have for work. I also want performance, but, I'm the 280 lbs guy. 5'-11" ,I ride a very heavy 21 speed next. Great reviews.

  3. Very nicely put together bike, I like it. Also your reviews are far the best all over the internet! Congratulations!

  4. $6.5k that's a Honda crf250l or Yamaha 250. That's a good start on a house. Am I just cheap bugger or am I right?

  5. 36v and 20 mph with a 25 mile range in boost mode but still only 20 mph with all the good stuff like the badass fox shox is such a waste, and $6500 is a joke. Not me. Why are these high dollar bikes going with 36v battery? What a waste. Just my opinion. Oh and by the way Court, great review as usual.

  6. Beautiful bike well done Court my impression of this bike is how quickly it gets to 20 miles an hour around town. Off-road while mountain biking the power would be right there for you when you most need it I was also impressed by how well it held its line.

  7. How do you crank so many of these out? Do you have footage of like 30 reviews waiting to go at a time then just upload one a day?

  8. there is no such thing as an 'electric bike', once the motor is on – ITS A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE.   And they should be banned…

  9. I'm surprised (and disappointed) Shimano that monster huge company – doesn't offer the most advanced display. The Bosch Nyon is now older and still much more advanced (in Europe anyway). And it's not removable – e-bike mfgrs need to recognize how bikes and their parts get stolen and design to minimize theft (like removable displays)


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