Training wheels often come with directions, and the best way to install bicycle training wheels is by reading these directions. Find out why training wheels shouldn’t be too low with help from the owner of a bike company in this free video on attaching bicycle training wheels.

Expert: Shane Jackson
Bio: Shane Jackson has 20 years of experience racing BMX bikes.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton


  1. I always read instructions that accompany everything. But what do you do when instructions are not clear: the graphics/illustrations are tiny as well as the type and it leaves you guessing? Better instructions need to be made.
    Overall though, this video helped me with installing training wheels because of "instructions" that came with the wheels were woefully inadequate.

  2. Would have been smarter if you can see what the heck you're doing, you know there's a zoom on the camera, right?

  3. Great, another one who can't own up to the failed presidency of George Bush. Even the most staunch republicans were/are ashamed of his time as president.

  4. Nice video, however the pack I bought from Walmart didn't come with directions.  Your video starts with the wheels already attached to the bar.  Unfortunately, that's the problem i'm trying to solve is how to attach the wheels to the bar.  When I used the supplied washers and bolts, the wheel doesn't spin once tightened.

  5. Don't ever install training wheels, remove them, put them in the bin! Take the peals off and use it as a balance bike !Training wheels make the bike turn the wrong way at speed, and learning to balance is more important than learning to pedal !!

  6. Could you please show us how to completely diss assemble a kids bike like this ? Please. I am having trouble disassembling my old kids bikes, so that I can renew them.


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