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There are a lot of different styles of bikes to choose from. Which one is best for you? Canadian Tire stores have chart can help you decide,

First, determine your experience level. Are you new to the sport or are you a seasoned rider? Next, decide how you will use the bike. Occasional use? Daily commuting? Off-road? Fitness? Racing?

Select the features you want, then decide how much you want to spend. As bike prices increase, so do the features.

Premium components give give you smoother shifting and more precise braking. The weight goes down, that means more power is available to move you, not the bike. Spending a little more up front will give you a bike that will be ready for you as your abilities increase. Matching a bike to your experience level and intended use will increase your riding enjoyment.

There are four main types of bikes to choose from:
Road Bikes, Off-Road and Mountain, Comfort Road, and Hybrid bikes.

Road bikes are ideal for road, performance and fitness enthusiasts. The frames are lighter weight and the angles in the frame construction help the rider assume a more aerodynamic riding position. Look for wide-range gearing and premium components.

Off-road and Mountain bikes have strong frame construction. Mountain bikes feature front suspension that provides comfort and keeps the wheel in contact with the trail for better control. Some off-road bikes also have rear suspension for more challenging trail rides.

The Comfort bike is designed for longer, easier rides. The head tube is taller, allowing for a more comfortable upright riding position. The saddle is comfort oriented and the tires are wider for a smoother ride. This tricycle comfort bike has all these features plus a stable three-wheel design. The low frame is easy for older riders to step through. A handy basket makes this bike ideal for neighborhood errands.

Hybrid bikes feature a comfortable upright riding position and large-diameter rims. Great for urban riding, some models fold up so you can pack them in a car or keep them in an apartment.

Road, Mountain, Comfort or Hybrid – You can see a wide range of bikes and accessories at Canadian Tire.


  1. If you can't afford a real bike then buy a used one.. Crappy Tire bikes are a waste of money. They aren't assembled properly and can be unsafe. They also won't stay in tune which is why a lot of people buy a new Crappy Tire bike every year. The best value for your money in a bike is generally going to cost around $1000 and comes from a bike shop. You'll be happy riding it for years! You're welcome 😉

  2. These bikes are trash… I got a mountain bike from there and it was just over a week old and I was biking fast down a dirt trail and I noticed something felt funny and I looked at my handle bars and they've come a bit loose because the the brakes on the handlebars was around a 60 degree angle facing towards the sky so I just simply re adjusted it and tightened it the went along again. I was timing myself on a dirt trail with my mountain bike and I was biking as fast as I could then the handlebars came looser than last time and I was going around a corner with it and I was putting more of my weight on the left side of the handle bars then it slid out of its spot and got caught in one of the metal fences that you usually see around school fields and cranked the handle bars in one direction and unaligned it badly with the wheel, scratched the paint off on the right side of the handle bars, scratched up the plastic part of the handle bar brake when it hit the dirt, ripped up the rubber part of the end of the handle on the right side when it scraped the ground, the seat moved out of place when it hit a bump, and I fell and rolled off the bike and hit my ass bone right on a fucking rock. I brought it back to Canadian tire I didn't ride it of course cause the bike was really fucked and the rear brakes were also Fucked because the front right brake handle dug into the damn ground and messed something up that made the rear brakes activate every time the wheel fully turned. I wanted to get a refund but they said they couldn't do that for some stupid reason and they said they could repair it. If they were going to repair that scrap and not let me have a refund they might as well just give me a new one that doesn't have the paint scratched or scratched up handle bars. There was a few things I noticed too when I was biking on that trail. First one is that the gears slipped sometimes and the rear brakes were noisy as hell. I was really pissed off at the people there and I was ready to take off the loose handlebar and smack them across the face with it. If you do get a bike from there make sure to get it completely checked up so it doesn't end up a fucking wreck and waste of your money like it did with me.


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