Bike computers and speedometers come in all different varieties. Today’s Bearded Bike Tip I get into what some of the models I’ve used are, what makes them different and why I use what I use.


  1. I use a disconnected iPhone 4 with Road Bike Pro by Runtastic. Don't need a data plan as you can download maps to the phone for use later. Super easy, just zoom into the region you want and click download map. GPS works perfectly without a data plan. It will use your downloaded map as the background.

    Combine it with a Bluetooth kit like Wahoo and you get real time cadence and heart rate.

    Good option for those, like me, who are more budget minded.

    I chose Road Bike Pro over Strava as I don't think Strava supported saving maps directly on the phone.

  2. Curious but what would a GPS on a phone calculate versus a bike computer or speedometer. I heard it's like 5-10% off and would that be depending on the app?

  3. I use strava, but is there simple wireless speedo that would give instantaneous accurate speed readings to compliment strava without a bunch of other things that stava provides?

  4. I use sports tracker.. It's a really cool app on my iPhone. Tracks distance, speed, avg speed, top speed, maps ur route & gives u a read out of elevation & how fast you've traveled or completed its mile. I avg a 4min mile in NYC @ about 13mph.

  5. Do you see any problems using the Cateye with cadence on a full suspension bike? Also, if you could, which Cateye were you using. I don't need anything crazy, but your video got me thinking about adding cadence to my basic computer.

  6. i think the app route is the way for me. I just want to know how fast i'm going, time spent on rides, and total distance spent on rides.


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